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Location: middle of nowhere

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Posted:pretty new to this whole Poi thing
but fairly good stringer
just wanted to know like whats the base rate to get a performer thats half assed decent to come to a show ...

GO BIG or stay

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Location: Holiday, FL, USA

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Posted:NoT tO bE MeAn BuT..

iF YoU FeEL ThE DeSiRe tO PeRfOrM, why NoT PraCtiCE SoMe MoRe, UnTiL YoU FeEL YoUr SkiLLz ArE No LoNgER "HaLF-aSSeD DeCeNt" BuT uber DeCeNT!

YoU'LL oNLy Be GiviNG YoUrSeLF a PaY RaiSe WheN YoU dO PeRfORm, AnD YoUr Poi-EsTeeM wiLL gO ThrOuGH ThE roOF!


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