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Portland, OR USA


From the most primitive cultures to the most advanced civilizations,man has had to manufacture things;his well-being depends on his success at production.The lowest human tribe cannot survive without that alleged source of pollution: fire. Ayn Rand

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Regarding physics, I'm not certain what you want to know. The act of spinning poi is basic physics and mechanics (and math).It would cover:GravityTorqueCentripetal accelerationMotion/ro...

No doubt this is challenging. My mother too has had signs of forgetfulness. A large part was from sadness which led to depression. This is passing as time does too.What I do is when mom...

Hi Orbit,I've posted the following event to the calendar. August 31, 2005. Hope you can make it. You are welcome to fwd this to fire performance lists in the burning community.smiles,Ky...

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