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Location: Seattle

How do you make uv reactive clothes? I heard bleaching works but what about colored clothing. Like orange or red? Help!

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Depending on the material, coloured clothing is usually already UV reactive!! Try wearing nylon type clothing...or like windbreaker-esque material...also, the brighter the color, the better the effect. ie; neon, or flourescent colours will show more than regular colours....if all else fails, wear white!

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Location: Seattle

Thanks, I just heard that there's a rinse you can wash your clothing to make it more UV reactive. That's what I was looking for cause I'm wanting to make costumes of vaious color.

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Or you could try "".
They have several UV-reactive pieces of clothing in their stock. But it is expensive.

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word to the bright glowy rave crap! i love it!
have ya tried electro-luminescence? it's cool clothing - people will definitely rememebr ya from rave to rave, but it's real easy to wear too much, dodgy in the same way that many people's first websites are loaded with smetterings of animated .gifs.
less is more, dun glow too much or security will notice and take all your happy candy away...
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You could always get a portable UV Lamp and visit you local shop that sells materials and check out what they have - bound to have some good uv actice cloth.

Mark P

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If you want to find UV stuff on the net you could try They do all sorts of stuff, mainly gothic and club gear but they stock other peoples gear, and UV clothing is quite a big craze where I live. Even shops like Claires Accessories do UV beads, body paint and hair gel! Oh yeah and nail polish that's lasts for weeks!!!
Hope that helps,


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Pretty much andthing fluro will be uv reactive!

But about washing your clothes in something to make them uv reactive.... bec metioned something a while ago about washing her comet poi in a washing powder that makes it more uv.... (mabey just compaired to the dirt and muck that's collected on them though ) keheheh

maybe try nappisan (is that how you spell it?)

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You can get 'neon' clothes pens, some of which are uv reactive. Or one of those uv security pens for writing you name on things so if they get knicked by some theiving barsteward you can easily identify yuour stuff.

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In the good old times of the drome (R.I.P) we used to cut open glow sticks

and put them on our cloths to make them glow.
Warning: don't do this on cloths you like as it stains


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