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Posted:I've decided that I'm getting myself a pair of electroglo Poi for my birthday (which was yesterday, so I'm already a bit late ), but I'm not too keen on the handles (since I prefer fingerloops which are a realy snug fit) or the cables (since I'd prefer paracord which doesn't have any chance of pinching when I do wraps on bare skin).

The handles I can sort out with no problems, but how easy would it be for me to replace the cable with paracord?

From the looks of battery changing instructions, it looks like the cable runs the length of the head, out the end and has a split ring holding on the plastic end, so I'm not sure how feasible it would be - maybe a length of paracord running through the head with a monkeyfist on the end in place of the split ring would work, any ideas from someone who has a set?

Actually, another quick question - is there any chance of fitting another set of LEDs into the tops of the heads, or will they get in the way of the cable far too much?
I was thinking about getting a set of different coloured LEDs too so I have a choice of colours and maybe some mixed colours in the same head.

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Posted:yes it is possible to replace the chain - i have replaced mine with real thin ballchain from a hardware store.
yes ya can add an element, but it does not add much to the intensity of the glow.
ima not stoppin ya tho.

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Posted:Yeah I was looking at adding a second LED unit to mine when I find some more cheap ones at a party, I tried for a little bit with different colour top and bottom and that looked quite cool

I am also looking for a good way to weight them a little bit too cos I am far to used to my fire sets which are a hell of a lot heavier - thinking maybe about putting some fishing weights on the bottom split ring (beaming balls work quite well on the bottom but I managed to break the handle spinnig with these on!!)

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