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Do my poi look too small in this?
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Posted:I was just looking through my parent's house supplies and I came across some anti-freeze.

Looking for the ingredients, all it says is "Contains Methyl Alchohol and detergent"

Now, knowing that methyl alchohol is a good way to clean my wicks of the horrible keroscene smell, would anyone know if this is a bad idea for any reason.. Perhaps if I look for an anti-freeze without detergent that would work better?

Being in Canada, anti-freeze is probably cheaper than kero.. Any advice?


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Posted:Firstly, I think asking for advice on an anonymous board like this is inviting disaster.

Whenever considering a new fuel, please look for the information yourself, ensure it is from genuine companies and don't listen to anyones advice except your own.

I would get the MSDS sheets (a list of chemical properties and health hazards) on several different brands or types of anti-freeze. I would also get the MSDS sheets for all of the component chemicals too.

Sometimes they are hard to decipher, so you can try a chemistry teacher or lab nearby to explain it to you.

I like to re-iterate not to listen to any unsupported advice you hear on this board concerning new fuels...make sure you have personally gathered the right information to support any claims that anyone says on here.

Experimenting with fuels is likely to end in disaster or take a few decades of your lifespan.

please look at all information you can get your hands on from as many possible places (make the internet your lowest priority in this respect).

That's my little rant, play safe and make sure you fully understand the properties of any fuel you use...


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Whiffle Squeek
Whiffle Squeek

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Posted:i know that charles just said not to take any advice from this board, but im gonna give mine anyways, and im recommending that you not even play around with the stuff...

i dont know much about anti-freeze, but i do know that it is highly, highly toxic, and that burning anything as bad as it is cannot have any good side effects...

so dont even bother, stick to the kero...

Educate your self in the Hazards of Fire Breathing STAY SAFE!

Do my poi look too small in this?
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Posted:hmm.. thats what I thought peeple might say.

I guess I'll stick to kero