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how do u go about soaking the wicks on staff??

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1. Fill a bucket with kero (white gas, whatever), enough to cover the wick.

2. Dip one end of your staff in the bucket. the soaking time will vary depending on your wicking material.

3. Remove staff, turn staff over, repeat step two.

4. Remove staff from bucket, Spin in 'rotor' fashion to remove excess fuel (this is very important with white gas it will rain fire down on you if it drips).

5. Light staff and enjoy.

***or you can do what I did and design and build a staff with detachable wicks, so I only need one set of wicks between my staff and my poi***


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I'd insert "step 2.5", which is to shake and squeeze off (wearing rubber gloves) the excess fuel before you flip--if you start off with excess fuel, it'll drip, and make your grip slip. Remove the excess directly after dipping each end--if you dip, flip, and dip, you'll drip straight down onto the grip area.

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short term memory loss?

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ah no rex,

this one is a diffent staff
You can tell them apart cos this one has 3 ! at the end


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is holding it in fuel for about a minute long enough for it to soak up enough fuel, i have to soak my poi overnight for them to absorb enough, and i plan on using tyowel, if that makes a dif?

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Hold it under until there are no bubbles coming out...that pretty much means it's full of fuel.

20 seconds should be tons of time, anything else is overkill.

The only reason that the staff won't be fully soaked is if there is something else in there that is already wet the wicks, such as water or oil etc etc.

don't worry about soaking wicks overnight, it's a bit of amyth that just doesn't reallymatter.

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