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  Posted: i just started this Poi thing. on the videos it looks like the girl is holding her arms right at her side when holding her forearms up. but when i do this the glow sticks start angling themselves toward the center and end up banging into each other. i have to hold my arms farther away from my body. i havent learned any advances tricks yet, but will holding my arms farther appart prevent me from doing any tricks correctly?


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  Posted:well having ur arms further apart isnt the answer, i dont think. i think the basic spining Poi forwards without doing any moves first need to be fine tuned so that they dont bang into each other. once u got that sorted, then move onto the moves and u'll find it'll be easier to do, if u get the foundations right.

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  Posted:It all seems confusing to start but the more you spin the easier it gets! Try to spin as slow as you can.Then you will FEEL the poi! the Poi alwayas go in a circle and your hands are in the center of that circle!




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  Posted:hey davre
Remember that it's all in your wrists you've got to loosen your wrists up it feels odd at forst but thats the way to do it.
like hair ball said close youe eyes and feel the moves, not just watch the moves, do it and you'll see


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