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Posted: by Plazma
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
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"speaking of first performances as mine is tommarrow, how did everyones first performances go??? any misshaps, unforgettable moments, and how wuz the rush?? plur! ------------------My..."
Posted: by EnigmA
Last Reply: by Plazma
Views: 1376    Replies: 10
"Does anyone here do poi movements in their martial art weapon demos or martial art weapon moves in their poi demos? tell me what weapons or style YOU PRACTICE that uses weapons."
Posted: by EnigmA
Last Reply: by EyeStorm
Views: 864    Replies: 3
"It looks like theres only three people twirling in toronto me eyestorm and firefly. so I guess there won't be an army of people twirling in Brendens backyard."
Posted: by FiReSpRiTe
Last Reply: by Stressed Eric
Views: 2357    Replies: 23
"hey all! yay! i just registered! im so excited. i was the one going by Just Me in the past few posts. anyways, allow me to introduce myself.. my names traci. im 18 years old, and im a..."
Posted: by Galaxie
Last Reply: by xestrel
Views: 866    Replies: 6
" Wow dudes, hummm...right on fer sher!!!!I didn't think I was gonna be the first one to do it. Ok, here I am from Princess of Wands to Galaxie (in the memory of my first burn in the sha..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Pele
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"Hey there guys,Just looking for any suggestions to make my staff look cool during the day. I've thought of somehow attatching ribbons to the wicks, but I figure that they'll just get a..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 1262    Replies: 9
"I'm lookin for a lil bit o help.Absolutely anything would be lovely, honest.The situation is this...I'm doing my final piece of written work for my degree. It's all about interculturali..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by touch
Views: 556    Replies: 1
"So far I have seen a few different styles of equal in skill, just one uses all 5 beat weaves and the other uses 3 beats. I myself just started consistanty using 5 beats for everything, ..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Ajtag
Views: 691    Replies: 1
"Curious as to how many POIers are going to be at the European Juggling Convention in Rotterdam in August, besides myself. Ben"
Posted: by touch
Last Reply: by gάrbǿ
Views: 872    Replies: 4
"any ideas on how to make sparkling poi?"
Posted: by Malcolm
Views: 490    Replies: 0
"It seems the previous provider of the free chat room had been bought by another company. I have inserted the new code and it is now working again.I hope to have a more permanent solutio..."
Posted: by alterego
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 691    Replies: 3
"How in the hell do you pronounce "Poi"?Love always,Spanky"
Posted: by gάrbǿ
Last Reply: by Endangered Sanity
Views: 1235    Replies: 10
"Like most people I like, every know and then, to wrap the tails of my poi round the balls making it easier to practice or easier to use in crowded places etc etc.Well I was spinning the..."
Posted: by gάrbǿ
Last Reply: by Plazma
Views: 1374    Replies: 10
"Seeing as the UK elections are coming up it seemed only natural as a topic to discuss the wonderfull world of politics. For those of you in the UK, and old enough to vote, WHO WILL IT..."
Posted: by Big Daddi-Yo
Last Reply: by Plazma
Views: 901    Replies: 8
"I could use a new name. I do other things now rather than yo-yoing. I now have a new found love for fire, so, I would really like a name that is fire oriented. I'd love to hear your sug..."
Posted: by N8
Last Reply: by Tsumi
Views: 1285    Replies: 5
"All you ravers out there!!!!Listen, The martian and I just finished watching the movie GROOVE. If you haven't seen this movie yet GO SEE IT NOW. Go to your local video store and rent ..."
Posted: by pj
Last Reply: by Plazma
Views: 1170    Replies: 8
"Top ten ways to know you are addicted to poi.You know you are addicted to poi when:1. You carry poi with you everywhere you go and spin to pass the time while waiting in line.2. Think..."
Posted: by Shouden-CrD
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
Views: 7078    Replies: 59
"Well, I can now attest to two things about playing with my poi while under the influence of E..1. Poi "seems" very easy to do, but in reality, I'm hitting myself more.2. It *IS* possibl..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Views: 818    Replies: 0
"Well this is a tragety, I will arrive in Italy on the 7th of July and I will be there to the end of July. Anybody going then or is from Italy that wants to get together while I am there..."
Posted: by psychomonkey
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 1135    Replies: 5
"I've noticed a great number of the same posts ****over & over**** ie: how do i make sparkly poi, every other person who re-invents meteors, and the like. Not that these people are ig..."
Posted: by Mr Sock
Last Reply: by Bushido HEAT
Views: 1398    Replies: 18
"Any suggestions?"
Posted: by Phyzerium
Views: 480    Replies: 0
"Today (saturday) i had the best time of my entire life. DEMF had to be one of the coolest things ive ever been too. Great music, great people, great times. The mood was so uplifting,..."
Posted: by touch
Last Reply: by pj
Views: 700    Replies: 1
"I swing poi but have taken up staff to improve my performance. I normally put my poi tails on my staff but they seem to like each other too much, and end up in a tangled mess. Also it g..."
Posted: by Superman
Last Reply: by psychomonkey
Views: 1442    Replies: 6
"ill be on my honeymoon that week, and we are going to Italy. We are staying 6 days in Rome. We are going to take a day trip to another town, not sure which one yet. But i thought it wou..."
Posted: by mikeyb
Last Reply: by firefly
Views: 856    Replies: 1
"I've had a fabulous week of progress, and I definitely think a lot of it comes from a piece of T'ai Chi wisdom:"The chin &lbr;intrinsic strength&rbr; should be rooted in the feet, gener..."
Posted: by EnigmA
Views: 485    Replies: 0
"anyone out there live in Toronto who does Capoeira?"
Posted: by EnigmA
Views: 620    Replies: 0
" ME and eyestorm are thinking of aranging a gathering of poi twirlers to meet somewhere. If you live in toronto and twirl poi or want to learn please contact us we need suggestions on w..."
Posted: by pj
Last Reply: by pj
Views: 1325    Replies: 7
"Well, I did it. After nearly two months of thinking about it, I finally did it.Born from the idea of Pele's Jacob's Ladder at the ECSF comes... after two days of construction ... Uberp..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by bobrob
Views: 2581    Replies: 13
"Hey everyone!I'm trying to clear my mind so I can do some work...anyhow - I'm wondering if you guys can tell me how you develop new transitions between moves? I'm pretty comfortable wit..."
Posted: by gάrbǿ
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 792    Replies: 2
"Take a look @ this unless you are a backstreet boys fan.http://www.vonkrusenstern.de/4u/backstreet.htmlpeace outgarbo &lbr;This message has been edited by garbo (edited 25 May 2001).&..."
Posted: by Big Daddi-Yo
Last Reply: by gάrbǿ
Views: 862    Replies: 2
"I love performing. Fire-Breathing, Flaming-Poi, I'll soon be working with a staff, and I love yo-yos. I was wondering how I get a job? I'd love to do performances. I currently don't hav..."
Posted: by Le Skunk
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
Views: 2188    Replies: 16
"i was wondering about something...do all the names for the moves on this site seems really technical or what? what i mean is, in my town, we gots all kinds of slang terms for these:wea..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 1206    Replies: 4
"i swear everytime i watch the video of J.D. from this site, it simply amazes me. I wont be able to rest in peice untill i can do that Corkscrew and turn 180 5 beat it above my head and ..."
Posted: by flash fire
Last Reply: by Kat
Views: 2789    Replies: 17
"so now we have established people's viewpoints on the pros and cons of drug use, it's not necessary for those who are in the "con" category of opinions to *yet again* express their disd..."
Posted: by Ajtag
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 1309    Replies: 6
"i have had a idea 2to make a new toy, i rember reading something about swinging bowls with fuel... and i came up with the idea of using two tin cans (baked bean style) then put holes i..."
Posted: by N8
Last Reply: by ShawnF
Views: 809    Replies: 4
"So I think I might just be getting the coolest summer job EVER!!!I'll be working with the Defenders of Wildlife to push for a sound energy plan that includes alternate energy sources li..."
Posted: by mischivis
Last Reply: by ShawnF
Views: 1748    Replies: 21
"I have been juggling for ages and have just picked up POI.Something I noticed:At the juggling convention in Cardif there was a sertain snidness towards POI, not nasty just a weeny bit c..."
Posted: by KT
Last Reply: by gάrbǿ
Views: 894    Replies: 2
"Just curious? and are you waiting till summer? cause this chch winter at the moment is nasty!PeaceKt"
Posted: by Girl From Mars
Last Reply: by gάrbǿ
Views: 1949    Replies: 8
"what the hell, "THE CONE LIBERATION SOCIETY"check this shit out- http://dencity.com/cls/cls_news.htmland heres and excerp of their news board-May 6 2000 A French based CLS brainstorming..."
Posted: by N8
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 925    Replies: 4
"Ok so I got a few things to say- this is the first:The martian and I were spinning in her back yard on saturday and her mom was watching us. So we're on the same page, Laurie's mom is ..."
Posted: by firefly
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 1154    Replies: 3
"while i'm learning new things,once in a while i get obsessed.right now i'm in love with the devil stick.for example i rearrange the flowers on our small deck to train or like today i tr..."
Posted: by Finn
Last Reply: by o-o
Views: 1835    Replies: 9
"Adam / TwistI just read with great interest your posts in the ball chain thread. You mean to tell me I can buy a swage / crimping tool?Tell me more... please I made myself a set of ..."
Posted: by tekknogurrl
Last Reply: by tekknogurrl
Views: 573    Replies: 6
"hey i'm in north stonington ct for the week- perhaps we could meet and twirl a bit..."
Posted: by Big Daddi-Yo
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 1064    Replies: 11
"For you experianced fire-breathers...I'm getting into fire-breathing. I haven't started yet, but I sure am interested! My dad said I can't start until I get some info on the dangers of ..."
Posted: by N8
Last Reply: by Superman
Views: 1652    Replies: 9
"Ok so I've been reading Super's post and seeing how some of you react to the things he says, I think that you're reading into his stuff a little critically.Now please back me up on this..."
Posted: by NYC_not_PK
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
Views: 2814    Replies: 18
"I'd love some feedback on battery powered glowsticks. I hate cracking a new set if I only want to spin for an hour or so. I did have some success wrapping a used pair in glow tape and..."
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by pj
Views: 2015    Replies: 12
"Hi FolksI've just been told that World Juggling Day is on June 16th. I am thinking of organizing something to mark the occasion - ultimately an outdoor dance party on the beach or up th..."
Posted: by Superman
Last Reply: by N8
Views: 871    Replies: 4
"Yes ladies and gentle men, in our hightech day and age, we strive to better ourselves, and better conveineince ourselves with technology...what better way to demonstratethis than with....."
Posted: by Superman
Last Reply: by N8
Views: 1255    Replies: 4
"><< The other night I was invited out for a night with "The Boys".>>I told my wife that I would be home by midnight.promise!>>Well, the hours passed and the beer wa..."
Posted: by basil
Last Reply: by ShawnF
Views: 3144    Replies: 4
"Can anyone out there explain how you count beats with the 4 and 5 beat weaves? I've read discussions in the archives and have seen people say things like "the 5 beat weave is really th..."