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i just dusted off my pair of stilts to try to figure out how to use them and I discovered that i have forgotten vertually everything about how to use them. i was so so scared trying them out! ahh! i took a workshop on stiltmaking over a year ago but i couldn't seem to remember how to move without nearly falling over. any advice for learning how to stiltwalk again? my stilts are 2 1/2 feet tall and the bottoms are one inch by one inch. I also needed a refresher on the correct way to tie them to your legs. stilts are one hell of a scary thrill but fun.

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Hi mellissa, I've not been stiltwalking for long but here is the small amount of knowledge i have gained. Tie the leg to the stilt b4 the foot, make sure it is tight but not so tight it cuts off the blood supply. Get some kind person to help you up onto them by standing behind with arms locked around you lifting you until you are standing, make sure they dont let go as soon as you are up or you will fall flat on your face, it helps if you are next to something you can lean on for balance. Once you are up start walking on the spot and when you feel comfortable you can walk around. You have to keep walking at all time or you lose balance. Don't forget to wear kneepads and fall forward if you lose balance. Most of all, Have fun.Hope this helps.oneloveThistlefirepixie smile

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hi melissa!i usually try to find a high bench,table or a big box to sit on.if someone is lifting you up from behind it's very hard and your stilts can slip away!i strap first my feet and then the knees.when you're standing,try to walk like a soldier.that mean's pick up your knees with every step.if you don't pick them up enough you can stumble and fall pretty fast.when you feel comfortable with walking try to walk sideways and backward.never walk faster then your guardian angel is flying!let us know how are you doing!

frank bentzin

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