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Posted:Yo-Yos! I'm encouraging people that yo-yo to try out poi, so I thought I'd try to get some people to yo-yo.
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It's really fun and looks incredible when you really get into it! You can (with little modding) put photons into your favorite yo-yos and get a really cool effect like beaming poi. If you want to learn some basics and intermediate stuff, go to If you want to learn more advanced and slightly expert level tricks go to (also, go to the videos section and download some stuff there, you'll see some neato stuff)Also, go to They have really cool tricks, one of my favs is Spirit Coaster. And last, but not least, This is the really amazing stuff. This is the stuff that I do.
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Download Shaolin Monk and Black Lotus from the on-string videos section. Those are two of my favorite tricks. (you will need the divX codec which can be downloaded from Sector Y)In conclusion, yo-yos are great! Learn the art, it's really fun!~Derrick

Wow! Check out this bagel I found behind my refridgerator!

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