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Belated Fire in the Hole reviewAmazing scenic drive through the blue the driving rain
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We got to the turn off for the party, and found...a locked Gate...nobody around, and no mobile reception...hmmm?.what to do. We drove up to the Zig Zag railway, and called someone who might know what was going on...assurances that someone would come pick us joy
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Headed back down to the site (well - at least where we thought it would be) found a bunch of Vans...ppl milling about...decision is made...Mt Banks it is.Fortunately our driver was very familiar with the area, and led the way to the venue...its getting dark...time to set up.Due to the outstanding efforts of the crew, the site was set up just as the first punters..(and rain) started to arrive...I wandered around feeling like a 5th wheel for a while, til there was enough set up so that Kate and I could get cracking on the Art work distribution, cool! Kate went to crash in the chill tent - while I worked on a bit more string art.Then I stopped doing stuff and started to enjoy the music...danced around... brilliant...happy vibe, friendly ppl ohhhhh...nice...this is what a Trance party should always be like ('cept the rain of course)!The music was, from start to finish outstanding...every set that I paid attention to (and I paid a lot of attention) was well mixed, and had great track selection...Mr Jaimz, some of those tracks you played did my head in. I'm sure you have some idea of which ones I'm talking about
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Fire twirling when the rain paused, was really nice...lots of nice ppl, lots of outstanding skills...especially Sarah (go the mistress of the crosses), Finn - I don't think I got to tell you in person, but your twirling is the most beautiful I've seen - Frenzie - mad skills! Toby (Bezerker?) - an intensity that was a little scary - Bobrob and Heather - precision personified, and the most technically challenging poi work I've ever had the priviledge of watching. Get yourselves on video, the rest of the world needs to know!
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Then the clouds parted, the sun shone through and we were bathed in the majestic radiance of that great Fire Poi in the sky
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Walked up to gaze at the amazing grand Canyon-esque view to be enjoyed only a minutes walk from the party. Watched in facinated horror as two crazy women stretched a single piece of chewing gum in one continuous length to about 10m long (you know who you are!) The great music kept coming...more provided! Mmm...bliss with a 4/4 kick of caffiene - just the way I like it.Eventually the gene ran out of fuel for the last time, and all the trancers began to slow down...smooth packup - many smiles, goodbyes and we were away...I met so many great ppl that night!I met so many nice ppl in the brief time I spent in Sydney; Hellos in no particular order;Sarah, Steve, Jude, Shanna, Toby, Simon, Tom, Sam, Mark, Mel, Bob, Heather and John.Thanks for the memories, and I hope to see some of you in June.[Josh] And Sarah, just cuz you asked specifically - every party is different, you will see what I mean when (yes when
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) you come to SA. Rest assured, I think everyone had a great time at this one. I know I did!someone please post the URL for the photo gallery that Barry did of the night.(for interests sake, Im the guy thats trying to untangle his Poi handles in the morning, wearing a black long sleaved T-shirt.[This message has been edited by [Josh] (edited 30 April 2001).]

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on Fire in the hole in bottom left hand corner of the frame.thanks for coming Josh!

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nice1 Josh, me n heva both had a wicked time too, thanx for the poi compliment, i have to return it: including your good self, there was loads of great talent in the fire department, i was very much tranced out (by music and poi) for loads of the time...much fun had by all
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and i lurved the banners and decor
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cant wait till next time i'm in the sydney area, they know how to party !cool review, and cool doof everyone!all praise flash-fire xxxxx bobrob

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Good call Josh!Glad you enjoyed. Everyone who made the effort to come up said they had a great time (some even said the best fun for a while [image]">).[/image]

It was meant as a compliment Beserker..
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