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hehe, i was just starting to get good, when the fish anchor line i had been using for poi strings broke all over the place last night! :-) I ordered zuni poi but now i have to wait like 7 more days before i can do anymore poi, argh! lol, i could just buy more fish line i guess but i'm so poor it's not even funny :-)well anyways seeyal later matt

All that AND a bag of chips?!? Now that's a deal!

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just use something else that works, no reason to go 7 days without doing what you love. Just look around and use your imagination and you will be spinning in no time. good luck

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I know what you mean by impatient. I was trapped in an office room for an hour doing absolutely nothing at work on Friday, and I searched the room up and down for anything to twirl. There was a bunch of computers in there, and that was the only thing I could think of. If my boss wasnt in there, I would have started twirling mouse's (mice?). I tried sticking a bunch of markers together and making a staff, it was a no go though. There are worlds out there to twirl, just when your boss isnt looking! ------------------~I dont care if they eat me alive, Ive got better things to do than survive. ~Ani


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dude just get some stronger line,, I have been testing with some 80lb. test fishing line, it hasn't come close to breaking, just use good nots, beside's the line causes less friction while spinning, compared to rope or even small nylon cord

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