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ok, i finally got my first pair of comet poi in the mail this week, i dig the tail, its a ton of fun. only problem is that since mine is white and pink, (the tail being white) i cant do it outside on the grass because it will get grass stained (it has already started to). i cant do it in my house either because there just isnt enough room. and im afraid to try the driveway or street because i dont want the tail to get tattered, and also the wind in kansas is horrible (windier than chicago). i was just curious if anyone else has had this problem in the past and found a good solution? ive started practicing in my school gym during lunch, but summer is coming soon, and im not sure what to do. the only other thought i have is that maybe a local gym would let me practice in like a racketball room or something, but who knows, those might be in high demand, anyone have any suggestions to ease my need to spin?

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I had the same problems with my poi, the ends are a mess from playing on the grass (muddy) and from on the street (frayed). You can sponge off the stains but they'll never me as pretty.All you can do to protect them is try and practice in the Gym or find a friend who has a wide high ceilinged room where you can practice.Good luck in your searchKat------------------"London is a city coming down from its trip and there's going to be a lot of refugees" - Danny,Withnail & I

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Why don't u order yourself another pair - that is if u've got the cash to spare.In doin so u can use the one pair as a practice set (and get down to some mean spinnin' without the 'eeeeeeep-I'm-fucking-up-my-poi' worries) and the other as a special occasion/performance set. I still do most of my rehearsing with my old home-made set.------------------*WC*


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Could try finding an old 6x6 foot square of carpet and rolling it out outside when you want to practise.Or do it on stilts to avoid the grass.
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While i can understand the desire to keep your commetts clean and new, (unfortunate about the white tail tho) no matter how much you look after them they are perrishable. U could try tying the tails up when practicing on grass or concrete I like it when mine are dirty and frayed, i look at them and remember all the fun we've had together. I *re-skin* mine for performance about every 4 months. They can be washed in non-bio wash powder & in a machine on the wool setting (tie them inside a pillow case for protection). As Emthren says do it on stilts it's great fun
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hehehe, if a 6x6 piece of carpet isnt available, why not try an old bedsheet, old towels, a tarpoline, anything really that u can take and place either on grass, dirt, or concrete

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Emthren -- Duh! I feel really stupid for not thinking of something like that. (Granted, it's not my problem... but yours is a good solution!)--Kai.PS: That's about the carpet. The stilts idea, while intriguing, is one that most people would have trouble with.
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thanks for the great ideas all, i think ill try to get ahold of some second hand carpet ot a cheap old blanket, of course ill have to find a sheltered area b/c of the evil wind
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and i also thought that was a cool idea about re-skinning, i might go buy some material and see what i can come up with, i'd really love a neon yellow tail. also, if i make some money this summer (which i plan to
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) ill try to get another pair, perhaps beaming poi or something like that.

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