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I have 2 questions......1st...How do we submit videos?2nd...this saturday im gonna have a little get together, and we plan on making a video. Were going to have 6 of us up on chairs doing some twiriling, and someone on the roof taping it. Do you guys think that will look pretty cool?Note: I just started doin all this crap so i dont know what itll look like..

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Sounds sweet! I hope the vid comes out looking awesome.
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Since I started twirling, I started watching every video I could find, enthralled by every last one. So I can't wait to see your posting!
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Roof shot sounds like an awesome idea.
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Phyzerium,Excellent stuff
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. I would love to see it.To submit a video to play on this site - Email AVI (Max 10Mb) to also have a compilation video project which video entries can be submitted by post. Click link for details on the project.Videos for compilation required by end of May 2001.RegardsMalcolm

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