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Seems as though a lot of people lit up right off the bat! Seems surprising to me. I was wondering how many people out there did NOT light up right away, and in fact, waited until they were at a certain level. And how they determined it was the right time to light up.=-=-=-==-Doess anyone have a favorite video that they like of someone twirling? Mine is: know who this person is? She's totally PHAT!
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(looks very cool. :P)


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CrazyRaverDude,That video is of Lucinda Ramsey. She does have style for sure
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May your balls always burn

i still havent lit up, i think i'm probably ready, i have several progressions of moves that i enjoy doing, not really a routine. i hardly hit myself anymore unless im learning new moves or using my really light pair of poi or whatever. the thing is that i dont have a set of fire poi yet (i will either make some or buy some off the site) and i havent really found anyone in wichita who does fire. but i think i might sort of know a girl (like have talked to her once or twice at a rave but not really know her) that my friend said was interested in starting up fire. if she is i might get together with her and we could start up some fire poi stuff over here. i would love that i do believe.

Hey, thanks for the post. Yeah, I'm surprise at how quickly some people light up, too. I practiced for two months before lighting up for the first time and I think that's pretty quick. I know kids who've practiced over a year first. Then, again, I know kids who've done poi or glow-sticks for a long time and have never done fire. Yeah, I'd agree and hope that whoever does take up fire in the end, does it well practiced and safely. How do you know when you're ready? If you have a teacher or a more experienced spinner, they might help you decided. In the end, it's all up to you. Diana

I'd say you are ready, when you have practiced enough that you have a repetiore of moves that you can do without hitting yourself *at all*. that might sound disouraging, but it's better to have tiptop skills when you light up, that to have a nasty accident...cuz when you first start, you wont know how to deal with accidents as well either...take all your safety precautions - have a watcher, have all natural clothing on, have a wet blanket ready in a nono-flamable environment...remember - the fire is a bit mesmirising - it will put you off your concentration...Josh

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I lit up early - within a couple of weeks.I did it for a specific reason - I got into what i later learned was called Poi because I wanted to play with fire, and if I didn't light up early, I probably wouldn't have kept it up. I know me too well
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.But, They way I did it was to get a couple of moves to the point where I could do 30+ repetitions reliably without hitting myself, dropping, or generally messing up. Then lit up and stuck very strictly to those moves. This gave me that satisfaction and motivation of fire whilst keeping the risks within what I felt were acceptable also encourages me to practice new moves thoroughly, knowing that I want them for the fire but won't allow myself that pleasure until they're reliable and safe. So my fire repertoire's a good deal more limited than my unlit repertoire, but is still the heart of my twirling. There's a level of relaxed concentration when the poi are burningthat I find in few other situations.mikeyB

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For me it was cumalative Raverdude. My first apparatus was fire devil stick and I practiced that for about two months before I lit up. Then I got a fire staff and lit up at first opportunity. There needs to be care taken but on the other hand you have to be pretty careless to make a mistake (it is fire after all, who doesn't respect it?).Poi are a little different though. There is a real danger of wrapping your arms up with flames at the ends. I've found hitting myself is just as bad with or without flames. Only with you get that lovely burnt hair smell
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. With poi just do it when you feel comfortable. You won't go up in flames if the wick hits you momentarily, but if you wrap them around your arms and can't get them out......well OUCH!

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