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Posted: by Leya
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"i've decided its time to see the world australia is forcing me to go exploring..i'm off to europe on a 12 month visa and would love to make some new friends on my email is..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"Forgive me for being sappy but I can get that way sometimes. It's just that I've been on this board long enough to know that it seems to go in cycles. Every now and then rudeness, con..."
Posted: by tiamat_22580
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"We got some pics up, look under "tiamat_22580".Tell me what you guys think."
Posted: by Valura
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"This is a mad little web page I know that ull love this UCOF!!!I have sent the happy tree friends valentne to Arsn!!! LOL incredibly addictive games HAVE FUN &lbr; 10. February 200..."
Posted: by o-o
Last Reply: by Charles
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"hello everyone on home of poi, just thought i'd let you know that i'm not dead. i haven't posted here in nearly a year, but what the heck ey? i should be getting back into twirling et..."
Posted: by (Sole)Spark
Last Reply: by DeepSoulSheep
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"hey everyone i thought id be a sad case and tell everyone that i turn 18 today so i wont waste time with this message cos im off to the pub seya"
Posted: by NickC
Last Reply: by NickC
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"I finally made the jump to dreads. Hooray for me. I've always liked dreadlocks but have only recently explored what means it takes to grow them. Bought some Knotty Boy dread wax and ..."
Posted: by cosmicpeace
Last Reply: by cosmicpeace
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"...ok...I'll just go for it then...!Hi I'm cosmicpeace...well thats a part of me atleast ....anyway....does anybody have some really nice sugestions to what kind of music there is go..."
Posted: by rex
Last Reply: by tiamat_22580
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"did anyone else see this? hmmm... "THE SHORT TRAINER" looks a lot like 3 keyrings.. "
Posted: by arashi
Last Reply: by Gandhi Ganjamaster
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"Any educated guesses out there? Anybody? I bet it's a _whole_ bunch...Ravers, plus burners, plus punks , plus goths, plus circus freaks, plus travelers, plus new zealanders (not rave..."
Posted: by Glåss
Last Reply: by Spiral
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"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!New poll, "Should saddam be removed at any cost?"At the time of writing we got 93 votes.and 20 of you said yes, saddam should be removed at any c..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Kyrian
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"Hey, so here's the detail. I kniw a few of you (FNF, Paddy, Flynt) but am looking around to see who wants to be part of this.... Class assignment, basically, you tell me about what it's..."
Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by el beardo
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"First off let me admit that I LOVE Winnie the Pooh (Not the shitty Disney version, the original books and radio series). I actually have a couple of tapes in my car for long journeys bu..."
Posted: by NothingsPerfect
Last Reply: by NYC
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"I don't know why I felt compelled to start this thread but I did. It makes me very sad to know that 7 astronauts lost their lives this morning especially because this was the first big ..."
Posted: by Mand
Last Reply: by DeepSoulSheep
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"I am looking for a staff that can fold in half or break in half for travel. I would be interested to hear from someone who has bought or made one in the past. I once saw a set that was ..."
Posted: by Evil Biscuit
Last Reply: by Kinudin (Soul Fyre)
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"I have caused myself 2 really sore blisters tomnight form spinning.. anybody else get this problem?? how do I stop it?"
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by sarah...
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"I've just been reading about the horrible brush fires that have been ravaging Canberra lately. They say that over 400 have died, 25% of the city is without electricity, and heaven-know..."
Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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"~ Never lick another persons Ice cream without their permisson~ Don't Christen (First burn) someone else's fire toy~ Don't offer drugs to someone you know doesn't use them~ Never take a..."
Posted: by Glåss
Last Reply: by Kristy-Lee
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"Ok so in order to settle a little PIP discussion.Can the Moderators read PM's?Can Malcolm read PM's?The reckoning at late night PIP was split about 50:50 don't know.Now don't be no one ..."
Posted: by 4d1c3
Last Reply: by 4d1c3
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"hey every one Does any one know how much i should be paying for a used unicylce in aus dollars or equivilant to. Some on ei know said the would sell me there for $60 with..."
Posted: by dromepixie
Last Reply: by NYC
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"Around this worldtodayI see namesnames and lablesWhat once was;what is now;how what is;who is what;how is who;when where why?question answerassumption, disbeliefdiscredit, disrespectfal..."
Posted: by Chorin
Last Reply: by primative_fire
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"Hi y'all,Just a quick one, I want to get a general consensus on what you all think looks better. I admit they both look great but you've all got your favourite so which is it??Poi? or S..."
Posted: by SpArKiE
Last Reply: by primative_fire
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"oki ppl. i got this in an email... and i thought i would share it with you guys as a "cheer me up" kinda thing. uhhh... this is a joke- so plz no1 take offence (not that any1 really sho..."
Posted: by UCOF (emergency)
Last Reply: by Pele
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"i was told that the HOp member number 1 was a temporary account..thats why malcolm has #2....but then i go and read the improvemnt for HOP thread...and i see that seven is member #1 (h..."
Posted: by beezle_bub
Last Reply: by beezle_bub
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"aarrrrrr im going to the Pearl Jam concert in like five days time Because its the first concert it was sold out in 16 my friend and i bought tix from this chick ......"
Posted: by Valura
Last Reply: by Magnus
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"Well, well, well, I was taught a mighty lesson the other day...Now dont get me wrong. I am usually a very happy loving kinda girl...but this particular day someone had rubbed me up the ..."
Posted: by Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
Last Reply: by Kev
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"I found this Airman's response to the Washington Times -- it should be printed in all newspapers across America. Especially now when the President is calling up more Reserves and Nation..."
Posted: by Knoxious
Last Reply: by beezle_bub
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"Hi happy people...Here's a link to a picture page from the Exodus festival that just happened in Australia.OzDoof Exodus picsThere's some pictures of the shit-hot Psycus show, some pict..."
Posted: by poiaholic22
Last Reply: by poiaholic22
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"Yeah that's right,video game geek in the hizouse.Anyway,I rented a copy of Mortal Kombat:Deadly Alliance and was watching some of the videos they play if you don't do anything at the op..."
Posted: by Spiral_ko
Last Reply: by poiaholic22
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"If beaming poi is more dangerous - why?xSpiral_ko"
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by poiaholic22
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"Noticed we have lots of lovely fluffy pixies on HOPYou know what, there really are not enough elves on HOP, why is this? Or fairys?Is it now derogatory to refer to someone as a fairy! (..."
Posted: by Astar
Last Reply: by Valura
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"Under the photogallery section let people put in links to pictures as opposed to uploading them so if people have hosting elsewhere they can post more pictures then the size limit allow..."
Posted: by Salinger
Last Reply: by Thistle
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"Last night I had a bad case of the hiccups and my mate did a cure on me which I must admit is the best cure I have ever had for them, and they stopped immediately! Here's how it goes:G..."
Posted: by cutie poi girlie
Last Reply: by bender
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"I come back, and half the people I dont even makes me feel real old! "
Posted: by s-p-l-a-t
Last Reply: by bender
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"Heyas all...I was just wondering, how many people here have/are suffered/ing from panic attacks? The point was touched upon in Cannabis Psychosis... and I guess its really heartening t..."
Posted: by TheBovrilMonkey
Last Reply: by Dom
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"I wasn't sure where to post this, but settled on here reasoning that since I'm not actually trying to meet anyone just yet, it shouldn't need to be put in any of the other sections.Anyw..."
Posted: by Valura
Last Reply: by TheBovrilMonkey
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"After the train crash today I really wanna know if you are all ok and safe.... I NEED to know...please swing us a message...Rozi, Flash, Ivan? EVERYONE!!! We are sending you prayers......."
Posted: by Mistress Aurora
Last Reply: by Mistress Aurora
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"Ok I just started using fire and noticed that after smacking myself on the side of the head accidently,that a portion of the hair where the poi made contact had singed some of my hair o..."
Posted: by LuNcHbOx...(Aka. Nathan)-un-single
Last Reply: by Kittytheravequeen
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"These stupid little kids and thier idiot dicussions....We have a school civil war on our hands at my school..SKATERS AGAINST THE PREPS...for those who don't know "Prep" means..... snoty..."
Posted: by Meneeococoa
Last Reply: by Kittytheravequeen
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"I just watched the COL2 video, and I have to give props to all of you. I couldn't believe how fluid the moves were and how everyone really got into the dance. My especially favorites ar..."
Posted: by Knoxious
Last Reply: by Knoxious
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"Hey everyone...I'm absolutely gutted to say that I have misplaced (read lost) my precious Aerotech double staffs at the Exodus Festival that was just on in Tenterfield, NSW, Australia. ..."
Posted: by FireSpirit
Last Reply: by Jello
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"Yesterday I went out on the town with my girlfriend. We went to lunch, to the Book Store, and then spent 3 hrs in a Rock Shop. We coulden't leave, there was so much we wanted. I must ha..."
Posted: by Jello
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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"Despite the fact I've somewhat done this before, I'm still have issues with the whole process and the affects it can have on your life. One thing I learned from my last go around is th..."
Posted: by Spoonerism
Last Reply: by musashii
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"Yo... This is beautiful. I love seeing this whole group growing and enjoying POI/STAFF etc. A couple of years ago there was hardly anyone on this site. Look at it now though, thousands ..."
Posted: by Salinger
Last Reply: by Magickal_Kaleidoscope
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"Very tongue in cheek look at the American governments perspective on the war with Iraq. No offence meant to any of our American freinds here at HOP. “If You're Happy And You Know..."
Posted: by Mineiro
Last Reply: by lolli
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"30th January......Four score years ago and ten..... erm hang on... 24 years ago an acorn was dropped and my favouritist poiist was born.... Much love and too much respect(eve..."
Posted: by Meneeococoa
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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"Hey, I haven't been on in awhile, but i have some tight stuff to talk about. I just recently bought the AOP+COL2 DVD and a breakdancing video. A lot of breakdancing and spinning can be ..."
Posted: by The United ChainsOf Fire (Chris)
Last Reply: by Puk
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"So nearly a month into the New Year, all the hangovers have been slept off and your all still broke, how is life treating you?This topic just occured to me last night as a took a rain c..."
Posted: by Pyro_Tech
Last Reply: by Pyro_Tech
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"Hey all.... I have just spent an extremely stressful 6 hours with a guy who used to be a good friend of mine in high school and I need to vent.Whilst he was always a little radical a..."
Posted: by Kaji
Last Reply: by KaZeKo
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"I had this emailed to me I thought it was funny: ON THE ISLE OF MAUI(Sung to the tune of: What Shall We do with the Drunken Sailor?)What shall we do with a drunken Premier?What shall we..."