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Posted: by Fire By Riz tm
Last Reply: by arashi
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"Hello All This is a sad day for me in Tampa Fl. After spending all day on the phone with promotersand more fire marshells than I care to count.In a vain attempt to salavge our nat..."
Posted: by Jello
Last Reply: by Charles
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"I'm in the middle of an exciting online mudslinging contest on another set of boards for parties around my area. Somehow I got mixed up in the age old "How dumb Kandie Ravers are" argu..."
Posted: by SpArKiE
Last Reply: by SpArKiE
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"this is a long blab... but i need to get it off my chest... and i hope sum1 can give me sum insight on my problems and sum suggestions or opinions.oki. just to fill u in quickly...i'm a..."
Posted: by thingeymajig
Last Reply: by Kali
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"Thought I'd start this contraversial topic off to see what people think!The thing is, that from a personal view I think thatthe biggest obstruction to sex-equal opportunities is women.(..."
Posted: by Cassandra
Last Reply: by NYC
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"hello beautiful people as most of you know I have been on the move for the past 3 months travelling around the world I have met many many people, some for a minute, some for longer...."
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by Kat
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"No I am not a racist homophobic! Just seeking information on some smokes!!Nobody seems to use the word fag anymore for cigarettes (or did you ever!)Anyhow, if anyone knows where you can..."
Posted: by lolli
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
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"hey all fluffy HOPpersjust wanted to say a mass apology for not being around for quite awhile and for not returning long dated pm's. things have been a bit bizaar for the last couple of..."
Posted: by Virgin Wicks
Last Reply: by Distorted Silence
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"Man its been bout three months since i last twirled, than last nite i suddenly got the urge but when i started i felt i'd had lost the nack for the art, i kept on fumbling and dropping ..."
Posted: by melissa
Last Reply: by Prometheus
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"hello, i reliese that this is somewhat non-fire related topic but i figure fire folks tend to have unusual hobbies so i might as well ask...are there any folks who know how to climb tre..."
Posted: by tekknogurrl
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"might wanna check this out...i know you work hard on maintaining this site, wouldn't wanna see someone steal it from ya:"
Posted: by KaosDancer
Last Reply: by DaiTenshi
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"hmm, well... as i poked through all the old posts, learning about who you all are and what makes you tick (and apparently some of you tick really, really loudly), i realized that i had..."
Posted: by melissa
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"hello, my name is melissaquick question to fire folks around the world, has anyone been to Madagascar? i will be going there sometime in september and staying there for a year. i would ..."
Posted: by Eeyore
Last Reply: by Durbs
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"I am the king, I am the holyI am the damned, I am the holyMy feathers are ten knivesI am the dove whse wings are murderMy name is loveI want to know who wrote it so that I can read some..."
Posted: by bluecat
Last Reply: by Dr.NoodleHead
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"if any of you wanted to know what kind of menagerie i keep then look here R"
Posted: by fireboy
Last Reply: by poiaholic22
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"there are two things that really shit me, missing the point of a topic and EDITING A F***ING POST. (not attacking anyone)now in the "fibreglass deadly" i mocked someone who compleatly a..."
Posted: by PK_
Last Reply: by PK_
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"Well after a kindo of OK weekend spent in London at the weeked. Me and nancy left glass's on sunday afternoon to head to St.Pancras station to catch a train.on our arrival, we bumped i..."
Posted: by poiaholic22
Last Reply: by Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
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"I don't know if anyone else has heard about this but I was reading a newspaper and I came across this website.Not saying it is gonna do much of anything but if you all want to check it ..."
Posted: by pozee
Last Reply: by PoiKing
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"crazy thing happened today, the marines called my house offering me a chance to come back for a year. i would move to north carolina and be there for one year and make my regular salar..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Aalathea
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"Oh, check these videos out! They are so fun! Strindberg and Helium There's four, i like the third and fourth best. They were part of the sundance film festival online. They're short ..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Ali-bird
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"So...I noticed a very strange thing, for me, at least today.I can only speak from the American Culture perspective here...PWB and I were in a restaraunt today and this family was seated..."
Posted: by Pink...?
Last Reply: by Trippie Hippie
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"While on holiday i visited a new sports complex in France (cape du couvair (sp?)) and i found i couldnt say "Ski Slope". It ended up sounding like "Ski Skope" or "Sli slope". I've t..."
Posted: by arsn
Last Reply: by Kat
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"This was when I was in a part of my life which Alot of others have been, tell me what you think, if you don't mind...I'm going to paint a picture,A picture with a twist.I'll paint it wi..."
Posted: by Distorted Silence
Last Reply: by Dio
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"Possibly a subject thats been posted before but...I went and had another little chat with staff at juggleart to find out some rather disturbing news... and I felt I should spread it aro..."
Posted: by Jello
Last Reply: by vaperloc...the mighty
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"Did anybody participate? Sadly it wasn't well promoted in my area so I missed out."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by PK_
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"As an old timer I certainly know how to use "Events and Gatherings" and the "Meet Others" and all of the other fun tricks on HoP.My problem with "Meet others" is that I strongly believe..."
Posted: by Dio
Last Reply: by terra
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"Worth a thousand words. "
Posted: by Miss Ruby
Last Reply: by Chorin
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" I know very little about different file types and am trying to find a good free video player for things I have found on the net.I am told (by the site in question) that RealVideo ..."
Posted: by Woo!
Last Reply: by Fire-N-Water
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"Hey Peeps.I have had some good news and I wanna tell the world. (Well at least a sitable microcosm thereof)I passed all my exams..Wooo Hooo.And I have booked my ticket for Australia 62..."
Posted: by PK_
Last Reply: by PK_
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"erm so flash wondered what i looked like, even though theres been a pic on my profile for a while, but hey heres some galleries i just finished uploading. fire and costume. personal pi..."
Posted: by Valura
Last Reply: by Paddy
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"Well everyone, Arsn and I are moving to the gold coast. We have a beach front apartment and jobs so wish us luck. We will not have internet access for a long time. Promise you wont forg..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Cassandra
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"My old promoter from the Camel Cigarette Company got ahold of me and has hired me to do the Pleasures Parties again. So, this coming Sat night I am going to do my first real, large fire..."
Posted: by Rozi
Last Reply: by Cage
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"Okay, question for the medical and physics buffs out there:I recently bought some ear candles from a store in Glebe (for the uninitiated these are hollow tubes of wax that you light whi..."
Posted: by danaeefly
Last Reply: by Fire-N-Water
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"play pois in thesea it's great dance or tricks "
Posted: by vaperloc...the mighty
Last Reply: by DeepSoulSheep
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"Did any of you fine people attend any of the anti war rallies this last weekend?if so which one?I was able to lead the rally here through dallas.Just curios on yalls feelings on the war..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Kali
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"Ok, so I leave for London in seven days! Who am I gonna see? Hmm? 7!"
Posted: by BurningByron
Last Reply: by jim bombadil
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"Today I heard a new perspective about the whole oil issue in the world.Nearly all the oil in the world is bought with US dollars giving the American economy excellent stability BUT sinc..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Pele'sWhippingBoy
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"Hey everyone!Two days ago I entered Whipping Boy and I intoa radio contest called "Screw Over Your Ex". The ideawas to tell about how bad your ex is. The woman withthe worst ex and the..."
Posted: by Dio
Last Reply: by Mistress Aurora
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"OK so yeah I'm a hopeless romantic, sue me Anyway, I saw the last episode tonight and it was so heartwarming! I love happy endings I'm awful I know but I just had to share with t..."
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by bender
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"IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTICE Security wishes to notify you that there have been six suspectedterrorists working out of your office. Five of the six have beenapprehended.Bin Sleepin, Bin Lo..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by brainstorma
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"It is Wednesday and it is 11:00 AM in California where Kinudin is. He is in school. Yet he is logged on to HOP right now. Ok, let's all gather around and call him a bad boy. (Gi..."
Posted: by Magnus
Last Reply: by Cage
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" This flash can read your mind..."
Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by jemima (jem)
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"As many of you know I hate adverts and spam.It seems a new member "None" email Has been sending out SPAM by "Private messaging" PM-ing other members.My appologies..."
Posted: by poirob2
Last Reply: by Axis
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"My good lady was kind enough to purchase "Poi spinning" by michal khan for me 4Xmas , and its bloodly fantastic! Has anyone else out there got their mits on a copy, and what do they thi..."
Posted: by Rozi
Last Reply: by Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
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"I was thinking today about the protests that many of us are embarking upon in our home countries. Most of us are petitioning our governments to prevent a war occurring in the Middle Ea..."
Posted: by ardenter
Last Reply: by Paddy
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"So here they are, my new pictures!Taken last night, let me know what you think, these are with some home-made poi. my pictures here Preview here...doing a butterfly in this one I think...."
Posted: by TheBovrilMonkey
Last Reply: by LuNcHbOx...(Aka. Nathan)-un-single
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"I saw Daredevil on Thursday and it was much better than I was expecting I was very impressed that they showed him to be actually human, he gets beaten up, bleeds all over the place an..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Astar
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"Another rant/interest in opinion type thing.Again, PWB and I were out today. We stopped in a shop known for catering to subculture fads and trends, mostly punk-goth-esque stuff. PWB and..."
Posted: by Rozi
Last Reply: by LuNcHbOx...(Aka. Nathan)-un-single
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"Got a puzzle for you guys.I have just started a new job (wahey!!!). This is a training position where I am designing an introduction to call centre course that will run for six weeks f..."
Posted: by Magnus
Last Reply: by Miss Ruby
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"I have a temperature of 100F, since Tuesday. If I take Paracetamol, it drops to normal for about 3-4 hours.The question is, do I want to do this? My body has a good reason to fever to..."
Posted: by FireSpirit
Last Reply: by FireSpirit
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"I was wondering who is thinking of submitting footage to Malcolm, for COL4? I have got some footage for the film, but it is with the editors right now.We only have a month and a half!!..."