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Posted:Here a question for you all

If your mum, your dad, and the guy who'd just invented the cure for cancer, were trapped in a burning biulding and you only had time to save two, which two would it be?

Is this were Im supposed to write something interesting.....errmm.........AVOCARDO!!!!!!

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Posted:the guy that found the cure for cancer and myself, b/c I would probably get stuck in there in the process of saving the guy, that and it would just be karma for my parents

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Posted:Anyone here ever hear of natural selection?

I would go for my folks.

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Posted:my dad and the guy who invented the cure for cancer. it would be a blessing for the world.

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New Hampshire has a point....


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Posted:I would call the fire men to help me and try to save all 3. But try to get my parents first.


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Mumma Hen
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Posted:I would get my Dad to carry the guy who invented the cure for cancer out with him and then put my Mum on my back and carry her out...(she is really sick and wouldn't be able to make it out herself) Its all about thinking outside of the square for me...That way everyone is saved but we have used the same amount of time...(in a perfect world)

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Posted:good answer

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Posted:I'd just pick the building up and spin it !!!

It's all good

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Posted:my mom and the cancer guy...havent seen my father in 10 years so no big loss there

its to dying in anothers arms and why i had to try it......


Quantum Theorist
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Posted:I'd save all three don't ask me how but I would

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Locced DB
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Posted:well, id have to consider all the options...

1st-my dad is very rich (cough,inheritance,cough)and has screwed a lot of people over so hes got sometin bad comin to him ANYWAYS....
2nd-my moms family has breast cancer in its genes, so more than likely my mom will have it when she gets older, i love my mom so id want her to live and get a cure in some way if she got cancer......
3rd-the guy with the cure for cancer is the only person who can cure my mom if she ever gets breast cancer.......

so my conclusion is....
wait a minute, what were we talkin about again?

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Posted:Let tha parents die togetha it woz in their marital vovs...... their time is up so fuck it!

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Posted:i meant vows!!!!!!

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Posted:I'd let em all burn!

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Posted:This is why you should bring your fire extinguisher and fire blanket with you everywhere.

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and failing that, a wet towel should smother it...

ok, seriously tho. I'm gonna say, let them get themselves out. Both my parents can walk, i'm assuming the guy who cured cancer can too, if not, we'll help him....

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Posted:Has anyone called the fire brigade yet? I know pnk poi said she would. But has anyone actually done it?

Only I can't help noticing this big burning building raging away there and people running in and out with assorted parents n things. But shouldn't we be doing something about putting it out? Or at least preventing the surrounding buildings from catching fire too . . .

Just a thought.

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Posted:quote: you only had time to save two, which two would it be? I'm sure they are all intelligent adults who can help themselves get out anyway. Just coz you only have time to save two of them, doesn't mean that don't have time to save themselves...

(Takes off his modeator cap) And could anyway who wants either of their parents dead just keep it to themselves, I lost my father when i was 14, and you guys don't know how lucky you are to still have them. At least you have a chance of making up with them while they are stil alive...

Anyway, enough sentimental bring down everyone vibes, (Puts his moderators cap back on and goes looking for something to moderate)

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Posted:I feel really sad and guilty now, your mum always said not to light those poi inside. I should have listened.

Remember last time we were here? The mud,the blood,I ended it that day.And 87 years later Im back. What goes around, really goes around.

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Posted:oh my god, mason!!! president bush was right when he said "listen to your mothers"!!! now it all makes sense....

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:on the basis that the cancer guy probably conducted tens of thousands of painfull and hideous experiments on animals to get it and now intends to patent and sell it at extorionate prices, i'd go with parents


Tantamount to fatuity
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Posted:Didn't your parents make you live in Lime Regis Flid?

"I'll carry this....It's harder to spill a hat" - Chellybean
"...like a rabbit caught in a lighthouse?" - Chellybean


Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:nah, they moved there after i moved out, so technically speaking I don't have to spend any time there if i don't want to.


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Posted:cant fault you dude, wise choice.

i'd take my parents, family first and all that.
but if either of them were suffering with cancer at the time, then i'd bribe the medical guy into curing them before they both die, so they can die happily, but then not save him, and take my parents away instead. devious plan.


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Posted:That's what mom and dad get for spinning with whitegas... let em cook.

If I only save the cancer guy can do I have time to drag someone else IN?

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Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]

Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

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Posted:Well, if he's cured cancer and published and the cure is in use, then he's not much use anymore, is he?

I mean, he's an oncology specialist. Spent his whole life studying a disease that doesn't exist/is cured. So he's pretty useless, huh?

Yeah, I'm ruthless.

-Mike )'(
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