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Forums > Social Chat > I'm just crazy about butterflies!!!!!!

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bri mCcall
Location: Eureka California
Member Since: 6th Jan 2003
Total posts: 34
Posted:What's up are there any butterfly lovers out there? I'm not just talking about the poi kind. I love butterflies almoast everything I own either comes with a butterfly on it or I find a way to put them on it. I just can't get enough of them. I have always kind of had a fondness for them. But my obsession started with them after I got a tatto with two butterflies perching on a heart. I'ts been butterfly bliss ever since. I'd love to here some feedback.


Location: Sheffield, England
Member Since: 13th Dec 2000
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Posted:Good choice of creature.

And poi move.


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Tantamount to fatuity
Location: Down the road
Member Since: 30th Jul 2001
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Posted:I prefer dragons myself. I think they're much more fun. And they're more help in a pub brawl too (which is how all creatures should be rated methinks).

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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Berlin
Member Since: 25th Sep 2002
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Posted:Cantus' words are full of wisdom and I'd tend to agree but the fact butterfly's can taste with their feet may be come in handy in times of war.

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Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Member Since: 28th Mar 2002
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Location: London
Member Since: 24th Apr 2002
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Posted:*lol* one of my totems is the butterfly, signalling transformation and change, which is pretty much constant in my life.

*smiles* you're not the only butterfly lover out there. Dragons are a bit big for me, but one of my mates drew me a picture of a dragon that was about the size of his hand.... that was a nice Sepa-sized dragon!

bri mCcall
Location: Eureka California
Member Since: 6th Jan 2003
Total posts: 34
Posted:I too have found my totem animals. The butterfly is my right handed totem(female) which is a really good one to have. I however have a great love for dragons also, I just don't collect them. Maybe I should.

Gandhi Ganjamaster

Member Since: 30th Aug 2002
Total posts: 299
Posted:butterflies are wonderful !!
once, skinny dippin' in a river with a bunch of women, i sat down on the beach in the sun and a very curous (male?) butterfly came and ehm, hung out in my private parts. for a very long time. he flew away and came back. the other women were a little miffed cause he only hung out with me. it felt very tickley and i was giggling really hard. yumm.



big and good and broken
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now think how long a butterfly's tongue would be if it was the size of a person...

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Gandhi Ganjamaster

Member Since: 30th Aug 2002
Total posts: 299
by Rudyard Kipling

Eyes aloft, over dangerous places,
The children follow the butterflies,
And, in the sweat of their upturned faces,
Slash with a ne at the empty skies.

So it goes they fall amid brambles,
And sting their toes on the nettle-tops,
Till, after a thousand scratches and scrambles,
They wipe their brows and the hunting stops.

Then to quiet them comes their father
And stills the riot of pain and grief,
Saying, "Little ones, go and gather#
Out of my garden a cabbage-leaf.

"You will find on it whorls and clots of
Duff grey eggs that, properly fed,
Turn by the way of the worm, to lots of
Glorious butterflies raised from the dead."....

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Location: The Giant Mushroom
Member Since: 22nd Mar 2001
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Posted:When I was at Glastonbury last year, me and a friend were practicing poi by the tents and this little buttrfly (Meadow Brown?) came and fluttered round, like it wanted to play. So I started spinning one poi reallllly slow and after a couple of seconds, our little flutter-by seemed to get the idea and started following the poi. I was so chuffed So I started going a wee bit faster and then doing crossovers and stuff and, amazingly, it matched me move for move for about half a minute. I tried bringing in the other poi and doing a butterfly (well, wouldn't anyone ) and that proved a wee bit too much, I think because it couldn't work out which one to follow.

Still, now I know that there's at least one butterfly in the world that's into poi. Cool dude

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