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Posted: by blue_flame
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 10846    Replies: 11
"Hey, I have been using kerosene for all my spinning but have found that it is quite stinky and smokey. Although this is fine for some occasions where I am only fire spinning, at partie..."
Posted: by DIANNA
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 1699    Replies: 19
"do you have any ideas on how to make new toys like poi , i started with 2 tinniss balls and just like want to have a cool thing to show off (i'm 13 i get a lot of weird coments when swi..."
Posted: by Cassandra
Last Reply: by Cassandra
Views: 2609    Replies: 19
"I need your help, my friends...There is a friend coming to visit me in Paris for Xmas and he threaten's me NOT to come if I don't find some white gas to trail (how rude is that by the w..."
Posted: by carpe_nox
Last Reply: by Cantus
Views: 779    Replies: 5
"Ok, i have seen some fantastic links with ways to make flaming poi. So i feel i'll be sweet when it comes to making them (even though i have a set that i am rather happy with at the mom..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by el beardo
Views: 1266    Replies: 5
"Has anyone (UK) been into Oddballs and seen the swinging clubs with the hook/sheath glowstick attachment?you have the staff with a little hook on each end=======nand then a sort of a cl..."
Posted: by Scoot
Last Reply: by fatfire
Views: 887    Replies: 4
"I just got some Beaming poi... and I to open the heavy duty clasp, so I can put my fire heads on the chain. Can anyonegll me how I would go about opening these clasps... with out breakn..."
Posted: by JDigital
Last Reply: by DIANNA
Views: 770    Replies: 6
"I've just made myself some practice poy but want to spice em up a bit so i can use them in a club. I've naturally got tennis balls on the end and i was wondering if anyone knew if i cou..."
Posted: by melissa
Last Reply: by melissa
Views: 1717    Replies: 3
"ok, has anyone built a led poi set out of bouncy balls? i tryed to search on this but i could fing out anything... in theory i'm guessing it would work fine to use baseball size bouncy ..."
Posted: by Bounce
Last Reply: by Cantus
Views: 1014    Replies: 5
"just made the transition to fire last week and am now completely addicted! i'm having a few problems though if any could help me...*my wick can't seem to stay alight for much longer tha..."
Posted: by pozee
Last Reply: by pozee
Views: 1095    Replies: 3
"i just got my 3 peice pure flame staff, and i thought the wicks would be a bit bigger than they are. well any ways, my question is, can i put more than one piece of wick on the end of ..."
Posted: by mojo_jojo
Last Reply: by mojo_jojo
Views: 1440    Replies: 4
" I know everyone *luvs* Photons, including myself. I have 2 purple ones. *But if you want a cheaper alternative, check out : "http://teamproducts.com" *They sell a lot of coool blinky a..."
Posted: by Orin
Last Reply: by Orin
Views: 1144    Replies: 7
"When I was little I used to have a toy that was basically a hollow staff (3ft long) with two balls on the end, connected by a cord in the middle. It was a bungee cord.. so when you spun..."
Posted: by Charles
Last Reply: by GodlovinSponge
Views: 1349    Replies: 5
"Looks like our jobs might get a bit safer, if this turns commercial as well as just for the armed forces..."CAMOUFLAGE make-up that can protect troops from the heat of explosions is bei..."
Posted: by Anubis
Last Reply: by melissa
Views: 1490    Replies: 11
"When I was but a youth, I built some stupidly long stilts. They added 10' to my height, making me 15' 8".If I can find them/recreate them, I wanted to try spinning some 10'+ poi.I can d..."
Posted: by phuzzz
Last Reply: by Belgarath
Views: 2163    Replies: 26
"i was thinking about building a staff filled with fiberglass ropeing and some sticking out lose out the ends. kinda like a zippo lighter. i would drill a hole for fueling and as a air..."
Posted: by GlowWorm
Last Reply: by Durbs
Views: 1055    Replies: 11
"Sup peeps... I know this has probibly been asked b4, but Im pretty new to poi, and im a bit stuck on a few things.Firstly, my spinning is pretty impressive (if i do say so myself) and i..."
Posted: by Anubis
Last Reply: by SteelWngs
Views: 1806    Replies: 13
"Reading all these posts about playing with fire started me thinking about things I learnt at school which might help create a nice effect.A few hours of trawling through my memory archi..."
Posted: by phunky
Last Reply: by DeuceTrinal
Views: 1310    Replies: 11
"To everyone who owns a pair (or set like me) of photon lights, they know that its quite costly to replace the batteries. They run on something like two CR2016. They sell them cheapest..."
Posted: by Fire Princess
Last Reply: by SorchaTheFlaming
Views: 1977    Replies: 10
"If any hardcore twirlers fancy doing a bit of cross training to add a bit of welly to their act, this little treasure might be just the thing. What can I say, I saw it and I thought of ..."
Posted: by Gheu
Last Reply: by protozoa
Views: 1076    Replies: 8
"I recently purchased some of the very cool Sauce Lightwands, and immediately started using them. After two days of use I had my first major screw up, and they hit together. The batter..."
Posted: by pj
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 1064    Replies: 4
"I've been experimenting with a new soaking regimen recently. Instead of soaking my wicks and then spinning them out, I try to only fill them with the proper amount of fluid. My first ..."
Posted: by carpe_nox
Last Reply: by carpe_nox
Views: 1742    Replies: 10
"i need to know about lots of safe ways to breathe, i figure that someone out there will have some clue on how to do it safely."
Posted: by wulff
Last Reply: by wulff
Views: 2260    Replies: 9
"Okay i ran into a problem. I had a Sony DSC-F505V camera... finally found out how to take good fire pics with it....the day after i sold it. *growl* anyways i was looking at getting a ..."
Posted: by Rick aka Loki
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 1696    Replies: 6
"Well, I started talking shit about this almost a year ago, and I finally lit up a rope torch (that's the name we use 'round these parts for a rope dart-styled tool with a wick on the en..."
Posted: by Missy
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 2062    Replies: 5
"someone recently suggested that i coat my mouth with olive oil to help keep fuel from soaking into my mouth. She also coates her skin with mineral oul before spinning poi or blowing fir..."
Posted: by murphmo
Last Reply: by Naganootch
Views: 611    Replies: 2
"hey,just wondering if anyone out there had experience with battery powered light sticks or 'street lights" and what u think of them,good/bad?thanks"
Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by Durbs
Views: 1557    Replies: 17
"OK, so it's not poi related but I know some of you do contact juggling and I'm just learning. I can't seem to find a UK retailer for Acrylic balls on the web. I searched the forums and ..."
Posted: by the streaking wombat
Last Reply: by Tedward
Views: 1275    Replies: 6
"well, this came about by chance, as do most great inventions.got together with my fire crew last night, and someone just finished a new toy...it was a take off the rope dart, but instea..."
Posted: by foobaa
Last Reply: by Tedward
Views: 2451    Replies: 15
"Just wondering if you guys can help me with this. Since i started to get a little better at poi, I have started to do some of the moves really quick, just coz it feels rather good. Tr..."
Posted: by byron76
Last Reply: by kneurbit
Views: 1218    Replies: 9
"for months now I've been trying all sorts ofdifferent things on the ends of my poi. One of the most rewarding experiments has been a set of wire baskets (coarse screen in a 4"x6" cylind..."
Posted: by Gheu
Last Reply: by stiltfire
Views: 1136    Replies: 5
"Do I have to worry about the chains on my fire poi (homemade) melting so that either the heads of the poi fall off, or metal happens to fly and hit me, or nearby friend, or all of the a..."
Posted: by digital milk
Last Reply: by carpe_nox
Views: 773    Replies: 4
"im new to spinning so, as of now im using only socks on string to spin :P .. i plan on getting either the beginner poi set or the performance poi for christmas.. could someone fill me i..."
Posted: by PeterB
Last Reply: by carpe_nox
Views: 958    Replies: 3
"I guess everyone got the newsletter from HOP. Did you read the part when it said coming very soon... New friendly LED poi set. I was going to be purchasing a set of beaming poi. But ..."
Posted: by Fire_Hazard
Last Reply: by Bendy
Views: 1105    Replies: 3
"Hi allI have done a search on this and found very little. I would like to start using throws in my routine, but i would have no idea where to start. Anyone got any ideas.ShotMOI"
Posted: by Psylentz
Last Reply: by Bendy
Views: 1639    Replies: 1
"some of my college dorm mates "acquired" those hollow soft plastic balls you get in those kiddie playgrounds, i don't know if they have chucky cheeses' in other parts of the world, but..."
Posted: by pj
Last Reply: by Bendy
Views: 810    Replies: 3
"So, if you were strandeed on a deserted island, what would you spin? Coconut poi, of course! I took a recent trip south and brought back a few coconuts for the peeps up north. We wer..."
Posted: by Jangla
Last Reply: by Psylentz
Views: 769    Replies: 6
"I know there are plenty of posts around about where to buy glow sticks cheap online but I'm looking for something in particular.Basically I need a UK site that will allow me to buy arou..."
Posted: by Scoot
Last Reply: by Ajay
Views: 711    Replies: 3
"Hello All! I want to know if anyone knows of any site, or directions to make a set of fire poi. Thanks!"
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by melissa
Views: 4275    Replies: 34
"I'm JUST starting to get into eating and trailing and I'd like to make my own wicks. I've searched through many designs but am looking for a design with as LITTLE metal on the outside ..."
Posted: by PeterB
Last Reply: by PeterB
Views: 1472    Replies: 2
"My comet poi has a nylon cord with a swivel at the end to prevent line twisting. But today I was practicing and all of a sudden my line was half it's length. The cord had twisted so m..."
Posted: by phuzzz
Last Reply: by phuzzz
Views: 1395    Replies: 4
"so i tried boric acid and methyl hydrate for a fuel and recieved paranormal green color which was absolutly gorgeous! got really excited and bought strontium nitrate which is supposed ..."
Posted: by Peregrine
Last Reply: by Twirl'N'Burn
Views: 3356    Replies: 9
"so in the inundation of rain we have had the kevlar wicks on my fire fingers (which admittedly i dont use very often as of yet) got totally soaked because the bucket they were in outsid..."
Posted: by Ronopotamus
Last Reply: by flash fire
Views: 1223    Replies: 10
"...Parents just bought me my first set for my birthday and I was just wondering if it is possible to remove the wick so i can attach a tennis ball. I didn't want to try too hard witho..."
Posted: by swiftythefireguy
Last Reply: by kmactane
Views: 812    Replies: 4
"hey swifty here well what are you using for wick material i have been using fiberglass matt since the summer it works great its cheap and lasts forever tell me what you think eh!"
Posted: by adamrice
Views: 821    Replies: 0
"Wound up having another try with biodiesel last night, as one of our regulars brought a 7-gallon bucket of the stuff.I soaked my wicks in the stuff for about a minute, and had a really ..."
Posted: by gάrbǿ
Last Reply: by Durbs
Views: 2418    Replies: 12
"Just thought I would let everybody know that for all the nice people here in the UK you can know get 5 pairs (10) glowsticks for 13 or 3 pairs (6) glowsticks for 9 with FREE postage a..."
Posted: by poiwonder
Last Reply: by SickpuPpy
Views: 9615    Replies: 11
"I've been looking for some sort of chemiluminescent glow balls for a couple of weeks now, but couldn't find them anywhere. I fancy the idea of two glowing orbs chasing eachother around..."
Posted: by Libra
Last Reply: by jonathan
Views: 2129    Replies: 8
"Hi there! can anyone please give me some tips on good fireshowmusic? In a few weeks I'm going to have a five minuites show with pois in front of hundreds of 18-23 yearolds on a big chri..."
Posted: by TaiGuy
Last Reply: by TaiGuy
Views: 2817    Replies: 9
"Hey, I know this subject has been covered before but I never got a satisfactory answer. Is there a way to concoct "glow stuff" in a normal high school chemistry lab? I'm not asking for ..."
Posted: by DocLiquid
Last Reply: by Hel
Views: 1648    Replies: 7
"This past weekend I made my own fire poi and spun fire for the first time, it was great. The only problem was that the poi were so much heavier than the glowsticks and strings I'm used..."
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