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Posted: by PeterB
Last Reply: by PeterB
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"My comet poi has a nylon cord with a swivel at the end to prevent line twisting. But today I was practicing and all of a sudden my line was half it's length. The cord had twisted so m..."
Posted: by phuzzz
Last Reply: by phuzzz
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"so i tried boric acid and methyl hydrate for a fuel and recieved paranormal green color which was absolutly gorgeous! got really excited and bought strontium nitrate which is supposed ..."
Posted: by Peregrine
Last Reply: by Twirl'N'Burn
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"so in the inundation of rain we have had the kevlar wicks on my fire fingers (which admittedly i dont use very often as of yet) got totally soaked because the bucket they were in outsid..."
Posted: by Ronopotamus
Last Reply: by flash fire
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"...Parents just bought me my first set for my birthday and I was just wondering if it is possible to remove the wick so i can attach a tennis ball. I didn't want to try too hard witho..."
Posted: by swiftythefireguy
Last Reply: by kmactane
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"hey swifty here well what are you using for wick material i have been using fiberglass matt since the summer it works great its cheap and lasts forever tell me what you think eh!"
Posted: by adamrice
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"Wound up having another try with biodiesel last night, as one of our regulars brought a 7-gallon bucket of the stuff.I soaked my wicks in the stuff for about a minute, and had a really ..."
Posted: by gάrbǿ
Last Reply: by Durbs
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"Just thought I would let everybody know that for all the nice people here in the UK you can know get 5 pairs (10) glowsticks for 13 or 3 pairs (6) glowsticks for 9 with FREE postage a..."
Posted: by poiwonder
Last Reply: by SickpuPpy
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"I've been looking for some sort of chemiluminescent glow balls for a couple of weeks now, but couldn't find them anywhere. I fancy the idea of two glowing orbs chasing eachother around..."
Posted: by Libra
Last Reply: by jonathan
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"Hi there! can anyone please give me some tips on good fireshowmusic? In a few weeks I'm going to have a five minuites show with pois in front of hundreds of 18-23 yearolds on a big chri..."
Posted: by TaiGuy
Last Reply: by TaiGuy
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"Hey, I know this subject has been covered before but I never got a satisfactory answer. Is there a way to concoct "glow stuff" in a normal high school chemistry lab? I'm not asking for ..."
Posted: by DocLiquid
Last Reply: by Hel
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"This past weekend I made my own fire poi and spun fire for the first time, it was great. The only problem was that the poi were so much heavier than the glowsticks and strings I'm used..."
Posted: by pinkbuddha
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"i know there is a waiting list a mile long for these things, but what i was interested is how the people that bought them are doing. like how much do those batteries cost? and how long ..."
Posted: by Teine
Last Reply: by adamrice
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"i'm currently working on making my first wicked staff, and ran into a query of construction:why does everyone seem to use flat wicking as opposed to rope wick?also...what is preferred: ..."
Posted: by *Hot Pok*
Last Reply: by melissa
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"HI Guys and Gals,I was just wondering if any of you had come up with any new fire toys or ideas for Fire PLAY? I have been twirling for a few years and have been wraping my brain to thi..."
Posted: by Strings
Last Reply: by GodlovinSponge
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"http://www.fortuneproducts.comFrom here click on products, then go down to lightsabers. I tryed to put up a direct link but it wouldn't work.Anyway they are 36" neon rods that light up...."
Posted: by GodlovinSponge
Last Reply: by GodlovinSponge
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"FIrst.. this is the quickest way to explain what a hoberman sphere is. you connected one string/chain to the outside of the sphere, so when you swin..."
Posted: by PeterB
Last Reply: by Strings
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"Hello. I was thinking about buying a lighted poi (not fire but a battery operated unit). I see there is one on this web site, and know of a set that dube carries. Which is better? o..."
Posted: by Gheu
Last Reply: by Pele
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"Is it better to have a routine worked out when you have a performance or is it better to just do whatever you feel like. I have my first real thing coming up and I want to know if I s..."
Posted: by Shouden-CrD
Last Reply: by Strings
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"1. Make sure you put your fuel in a container that you can drink from without spilling any on your face. (I tried drinking straight from a plastic camp fuel bottle....can you say chemic..."
Posted: by firefabulon
Last Reply: by Pele
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"What do you guys know about flame retardant for costumes and such?I found this blurb but don't really know if I trust it.You can make your own flame-retardant solution for decorations a..."
Posted: by Peter
Last Reply: by Pele'sWhippingBoy
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"Hello to everyone!What I want to ask is if anyone knows any other stuff than paraffin for fire breathing 'cause I've fucked up my tooth-gums and as I do lots of performing it has become..."
Posted: by Shouden-CrD
Last Reply: by flash fire
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"I read somewhere on here once that the best way to spin off indoors after soaking your wicks is to put a wash rag at the bottom of a ziplock and put your poi in the bag and rubberband i..."
Posted: by GaBBeRave19
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"i was at a party a few days ago and we were in this pretty big room and it was really quite smogged for its size. somebody was tripping out on a lazer pointer in the smoke and somebody ..."
Posted: by calgaryjoe
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
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"I heard that you can install photon lights into emptied out glowsticks, can anyone give me specific instructions on how to do this?"
Posted: by sheva
Last Reply: by Cassandra
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"well, it is only the beginning but i was wondering... how can you play with poi if you have big pregnancy stomach? when i do triks now i am trying to avoid the poi touching my body, so..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"hey all,in my tireless (look mum, no tires! ) effort to find advanced twirling resources I came across this page; main inte..."
Posted: by pozee
Last Reply: by adamrice
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"quick question, how thick is the 15 guage ball chain? i have 2 different sizes. not sure what guage they are. just curious about what the measurement is from one side to the other s..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by [Nx?]
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"Hi All,I'm interested in learning contact staff juggling...that is, where you move a staff like object around your body and limbs without touching it with your hands - CubeFX has a nice..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by LLcoolPat
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"In another thread my buds asked me to post my recipe for my leather bracers. I was hesitant to give away my secrets until I realized that I had taken every wrap I do from them... The ..."
Posted: by pozee
Last Reply: by pozee
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"okay,i love the good old finger loops, but i dont ever use them. my original poi that i still have is just a ring big enough for one finger.well, that had nothing to do with what i wan..."
Posted: by Auger282
Last Reply: by Cantus
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Posted: by Meenik
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Posted: by Julie
Last Reply: by Christina aka Str0be
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"Hi all!I`m quit new at spinning(spun for the first time this week-end, woohoo! )and every time my poi stop burning I just want to soak them and do it again, and again but I`m thinking i..."
Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by Durbs
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"OK, Dad's bought this flashy new Digital camera and I was fiddling around with it trying to gert some nice poi pics but they all come out to sharp, i.e. no fire trails.It has a shutter ..."
Posted: by Itsgottab
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"does anybody know if there is fabric that is some how reactive with electrical currents and so lights up"
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by DJ Dantana
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"not sure if this should be in social or move, but here goes, tell me what you think. and now ladies and gentleman pozee will perform his fire feats while blindfolded and handcuffed. too..."
Posted: by Reddevil
Last Reply: by Naganootch
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"Can someone please explain to me, how i can hookup small lights to batteries with a on/off switch aswell, what do i need to buyand how do i do it.I know a few of you have done this befo..."
Posted: by jamie
Last Reply: by Jangla
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"I have a few problems with the mathmatics section on this site, I think your values for 'rotational force' are a little too high.The page states that the 'rotational force' (which I wi..."
Posted: by Vik
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"This message comes from Sunshine Coast Queensland from the 'puter of an intensly keen fire staffer who dreams about creating some kind of fire bizness here on the coast, i feel the fire..."
Posted: by Katinca
Last Reply: by NYC
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"Josh and I went fire-twirling in a storm drain that is near our house. It was about 180cm tall by 200cm long.To fire twirl under these conditions was really difficult and it required im..."
Posted: by Shouden-CrD
Last Reply: by Ithaca
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"I apologize if this has been covered before, but this is news to me, and I feel that I have done my fair share of searching and research on this and haven't heard of this phenomenon bef..."
Posted: by Storyteller
Last Reply: by Knagi
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" I,m tired of using lamp oil and having my sidewalk look like I just changed my car's oil. Any suggestions?------------------ Ribbons of color twining and flux, open tomorrow for me"
Posted: by Vukie
Last Reply: by adamrice
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"How do you guys know when its the wicks burning and not the Kero. The kero burns well but i have no idea when its run out. My stints last for about 40 seconds before i put out the wick ..."
Posted: by silverstarr
Last Reply: by pozee
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"Hi Everyone.I'm new here and have been reading a lot of the posts. I was at a dance recently, and saw some people spinning photon lights on a string and they were able to create some in..."
Posted: by Kosmik Lunatik
Last Reply: by glowshow
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"Does anybody know where there are some powerful, powerful, lghts tha I could hitch up to some strings. I just want to twirl something that can be seen from far away. Something tht peopl..."
Posted: by Charles
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"After a full year of performing professionally, I got my first seriously nasty burn ever, doing double staffs.It's not too bad compared to some of the tales I've heard so i'm very grate..."
Posted: by Kosmik Lunatik
Last Reply: by Frenzie
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"Um has anybody ever used flares(road flares) before, because I did the other day and everybody said it looked better the fire. Just wonderingPeace outMatty"
Posted: by HappySticker
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"i havent really found something that would recollect a decent amount of fuel from spinning off until i got a nice little idea today goes something like this, get a conatiner, som..."
Posted: by Jangla
Last Reply: by Jangla
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"Has anyone done any trave around Europe since September? The reason I ask is that I'm planning a little jaunt and wanted to know about customs attitudes to bags stinking of kero - woul..."
Posted: by bhawk
Last Reply: by Frenzie
Views: 2893    Replies: 7
"Hey, Im going to a party this friday and I was wondering if anyone knew of actual stores (not online stores) that sell high-int or ultra glowsticks. Preferably big chain companies that..."
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