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Posted:just made the transition to fire last week and am now completely addicted! i'm having a few problems though if any could help me...*my wick can't seem to stay alight for much longer than 30-45 seconds, then smokes alot once it goes out - how can i make the wick stay lit for longer?*what is the cheapest and/or safest fuel to use? i'm currently using fire water, but that's pretty expensive.any help is appriciated!
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Posted:check the fire safety part of this site for advice on fuelalthough i currently use either straight kero or fuelite depending on which toy i am using both clean flames but fuelite burns quite hot so if you have just started with fire stick with Kerosene. Both fuels aren't very expensive about $4.50 NZ a bottlemy wick lasts about 2-3 min with that fuel

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Posted:With burn times there are a lot of diffirent variables:First, I would think, is the fuel you use. I have found Kerosine (pariffin) to have the longest burn time, and also to be one of the safest fuels to use.Second would be your wicking material. Towel wicks burn for a long time but only last for two or three burns, and constantly building them becomes a hassle (for me, at least). Kevlar has a shorter burn time but the wicks last much longer. Then there is the style of kevlar wick that you use. I have found that the cathedral fold burns longer then a regular wrap around. Then there are hybrid wicks which are kevlar with a towel core. I like these the best, but haven't built any of my own yet. With this style wick you have the duribility of the kevlar coupled with the absorbtion of the towel.Thirdly, and espeacily if you use kero, you need to let your wicks burn for a minute before you start swinging to let them get warm and fully lit, otherwise they will go out very quickly.When your wicks do go out **only attempt this with kerosine** dunk them straight back in your soak bucket. This keeps them from smouldering, and gives your wicks a longer burning life.I think that about covers it. All of this is in the "saftey" portion of this site, but I thought I would post all of this anyway, mostly 'cuz it's like 1:30 in the morning here and I'm really bored. Hope it's what you wanted to know.------------------If you love something, set it on fire.

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Posted:I found when I first started that I was spinning my wicks too fast and they would go out rather quickly.I slowed them down and I get a bigger, longer lasting flame. Sometimes I go really slow if the music tells me to, that can be nice as long as you can keep the poi/staff moving - and when the music stops, I can usually snag one of the empty chairs
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Posted:Advice for newbies, watch out for those damn trampolines, ohh yeah and try searching for information on fuel there has been a few long threads on the topic.[This message has been edited by Ajay (edited 31 December 2001).]

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Posted:Right I resisted the urge to be helpful but i can't keep it up anymore so here goesThis is about fuels:
This is how to make your wick last longer:
and here is one about different wick materials:
I hope you find something useful in all this...------------------C@ntusThere's only one way of life and that's your own.

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