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Posted: by Stone
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 2470    Replies: 14
"I'm basically a backyard spinner, but we (me and a few friends) have been asked to help promote a community event. The show will be held inside during the day, and fire probably won't ..."
Posted: by Jez
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 903    Replies: 3
"In a previous topic malcolm said that the new electroglow equipment have the led's glued in. If this is the case how do you get the modules out to change the batteries?If they are going..."
Posted: by Norath-Tovaar
Last Reply: by SilverEyes
Views: 1569    Replies: 9
"My performance grooup and I are looking into shaking up our act, and are looking for colored Zinc Oxide.Anyone have any suggestions?"
Posted: by Tatty
Last Reply: by Cassandra
Views: 735    Replies: 5
"Ive been twirling poi for a few months and really want to start using fire, i was gonna order some off of this site (too lazy to make em), but not sure which ones. I wondered if there a..."
Posted: by Gikkwiny
Last Reply: by Tracered
Views: 1168    Replies: 9
"Hi there.. I've been a lurker on these forums for some time now, and I finaly am going to make my fire poi.. however, I went to lowes, and I'm not sure what I should use for the chains...."
Posted: by SaggyD2034
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 666    Replies: 1
"I'm sorry everyone, I am new at this stuff, but i am clueless as to what meteors are, i started poi a month ago, and had glowsticks 2 months before that, but on this site, it doesn't gi..."
Posted: by Fire By Riz tm
Last Reply: by NYC
Views: 1114    Replies: 1
"any info on this topic is welcome...i have found myself with my fire toys burning bigger and bigger.. enough to the point people are wanting me to peform.. so far i have don..."
Posted: by starbuk
Last Reply: by AlienJon
Views: 1492    Replies: 2
"I've been playing around with a single long poi now 4 almost a year and hav'nt met anyone so far who plays with it 2. It involves lots of complex wrap moves and involves way more movem..."
Posted: by adamrice
Last Reply: by TEMPEST
Views: 1712    Replies: 4
"I don't *think* I've seen this mentioned here before...Anyhow, one of my fire-friends, who does double-staff, has burned himself more than once by catching a staff right on the bolts th..."
Posted: by melissa
Last Reply: by adamrice
Views: 2101    Replies: 8
"now that there's a poi moves and staff moves thread folder, how about a misc. toy moves folder also? there people could discuss some of the other fire toys (like fingers, fans, flags, n..."
Posted: by Twirl'N'Burn
Last Reply: by Cantus
Views: 814    Replies: 4
"I had noticed that in my profile that a spot for your ICQ number is provided. My observation however is that lately many other programs have been getting thier fair share of use. For ex..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by Blackbird
Views: 1057    Replies: 2
"2 x (standard heavy-load handle, ~ 10cm doubled up medium chain, 4 metres braided absorbent rope (10cm i think)).Just add fire.Nice big sheet of flame, definitely worth doing.Easier to ..."
Posted: by knas
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 858    Replies: 7
"Hello everyone!Im fourteen and im quite hooked with fire breathing. I already do fire twirling already. I havent tried fire-breathing yet, so thats why i need anyones help. All the site..."
Posted: by Tempest
Last Reply: by TEMPEST
Views: 1137    Replies: 7
"I am sure that I have seen kevlar thread avaliable, you know, the type that looks like a roll of cotton you would sew a button on with in the past but...WHERE THE HELL IS IT?I long for ..."
Posted: by Charles
Last Reply: by TEMPEST
Views: 2093    Replies: 29
"Aaaarrrggghhh!!!! Please please please (grovel grovel grovel), could someone help me to make some good firestaffs that don't bend?I had a performance last Saturday, got B to make me t..."
Posted: by Brige
Last Reply: by twirlgirl
Views: 12518    Replies: 19
"I've been practicing with (non-fire) poi for about 3 months now and i LOVE IT...Hopefully by spring time i'll progress to FIRE! My question is whats the best way to hold the poi? It fe..."
Posted: by The Welcome Matt
Last Reply: by melissa
Views: 1235    Replies: 8
"I have seen some discussion lately about people weighing down their glowsticks because they are too light... I couldn't find much on HOW to do it. Any suggestions on how to make them ..."
Posted: by bubblez
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 1303    Replies: 8
"using coleman camping fuel.if i spin the wicks out, how long must i wait before re-dipping them in the fuel bucket? time limit? or what signs do i look for?i tried a lil search.. but co..."
Posted: by Chotys
Last Reply: by xtremravr...was here..
Views: 2619    Replies: 20
"Ok, i searched the old articles and there has been a fair amount of talk about using photons and photon II's as poi but no one actually stated much about them. If anyone has bought phot..."
Posted: by xamax1
Last Reply: by shizN0T
Views: 1637    Replies: 5
"Hey,I'm sure there's probably a more appropriate place for me to post this question, but i'm kinda tired and don't have the energy or patience to search for it, so sorry.Anyway, recentl..."
Posted: by el beardo
Last Reply: by luz
Views: 1853    Replies: 6
"hey guys,im having a spot of bother trying to learn how to do snakes with clubs (or in my case swinging/juggling knives). has anyone out there got a video of someone doing a snake?i'd ..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Kinudin (Soul Fyre)
Views: 1487    Replies: 15
"Hi! I'm looking for instructions or tutorials about fire ropes, that are very popular this year in France. All over the world, (the Web!) poi or staff seam more appreciated. Could you t..."
Posted: by Neodolatelna
Last Reply: by melissa
Views: 1051    Replies: 13
"I'm interested in getting into firefingers, but not the kind that you slip over each finger. I'm looking for the kind where you hold on to a "fan" shaped thing with 4 or 5 long pieces ..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 965    Replies: 3
"Let me put the cart way before the horse and ask a few questions about fire meteors (now that I actually own a pair of practice meteors... THANKS CASSI!)Yeah, yeah I've searched both he..."
Posted: by The Welcome Matt
Last Reply: by LLcoolPat
Views: 726    Replies: 1
"Ok, I'm making my first pair of fire poi. I have a few of the materials. I have a 100% cotton towel and the two chains.I am wondering what size eye bolts, washers, and buts I need. I..."
Posted: by PK_
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 2134    Replies: 5
"WOW!!.. Today seem to end in a spectacular way!Apart from spending the day with Kato, C@ntus, Jo derry, Orange, Tempest to name a but a few known faces from HOP. Tempest happened to bri..."
Posted: by Kuris
Last Reply: by Kuris
Views: 1692    Replies: 5
"First off, does anyone remember the tops that are on a string and you thrown them out to start them spinning on the ground? And second, anyone know where I could get info on them? I'm a..."
Posted: by Paddy
Last Reply: by Charly
Views: 2838    Replies: 7
"WHat's up all?Okay, this is my first post so I'm kind of nervous. I've been coming to this site for a few months now, but (and don't ask me why) I never even though to check out the di..."
Posted: by hafsha1
Last Reply: by Kinudin (Soul Fyre)
Views: 1573    Replies: 15
"Ok, I have been spinning my streamers for long enough and glowsticks are just to damn light &lbr;weight&rbr; for me; I want some pizazz! I believe the time for fire has come but what t..."
Posted: by mojo_jojo
Last Reply: by xtremravr...was here..
Views: 1495    Replies: 1
"If anybody is interested, I have available thru my website, an alternative to the Photon Rav'n, which I call the Raven Bomber. It's a little bigger then the Photon, BUT it is the same t..."
Posted: by tricky56
Last Reply: by Dru Lee Parsec
Views: 1695    Replies: 8
"Ok, here is the deal. I have been reading some posts on the board, and looking for tutorials or info pages on getting started with fire poi. However, I haven't really found any basic ..."
Posted: by Skeks
Last Reply: by NYC
Views: 2025    Replies: 14
"I saw some road flares on the freeway the other day. Are these likely to explode or are they twirlable?------------------!You've just been Skeked!"
Posted: by Minooze
Last Reply: by Durbs
Views: 908    Replies: 4
"Hello,Im an amateur at this glowstick-twirling stuff (about 1 month) Being up in the great white north, im forced to practice indoors. This is making things very difficult, as i have ve..."
Posted: by phunky
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 1138    Replies: 4
"Wish they came out a year ago... so i wouldn't have ended up spending 400 dollars to make mine... sigh------------------&lbr;&rbr;Dhuong-Vu Truong==== &lbr;&rbr;Dhunky ===="
Posted: by Alagon
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 1147    Replies: 7
"Just curious about what books on fire manipulation you lot have come across other than those on this web site.So far I have only come across Fire Eating Manual A MANUAL OF INSTRUCTION b..."
Posted: by incysor
Last Reply: by NYC
Views: 1266    Replies: 3
"I'm trying to help out my soon to be Father-in-law. I got him addicted to Glow Poi over the holiday, and I'm trying to find him info on the cheapest places in Tacoma Washington to get ..."
Posted: by dangerboy
Last Reply: by dangerboy
Views: 1357    Replies: 5
"for those of you who may not know what flagging looks like, here are a few clips of yours truly waving them about. enjoy.http://www.terra-sea.com/dangerboy/fire/vidclips/flag1.avihttp:/..."
Posted: by poiboy
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 1096    Replies: 2
"I just got my first fire poi, and am wondering how much wick to wrap.that' it, sorry for the inconvenience"
Posted: by Phyzerium
Last Reply: by Bendy
Views: 1106    Replies: 7
"i just got the goods to do sparkly poi, but my friend is claiming that steel wool doesnt light under a normal flame, is he right??"
Posted: by xtremravr...was here..
Last Reply: by I am Schwabe
Views: 1263    Replies: 9
"hey im fairly new to this stuff, i made my own poi using a small guage neon nylon kite string, with key rings on the ends and glowstix(seeing how im not so stupid that i would learn w f..."
Posted: by gάrbǿ
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
Views: 1225    Replies: 14
"Like most people I like, every know and then, to wrap the tails of my poi round the balls making it easier to practice or easier to use in crowded places etc etc.Well I was spinning the..."
Posted: by TranceKuja
Last Reply: by FoxFire
Views: 1113    Replies: 6
"I just started trying to use different materials for spinnin. I have some chains which have a diameter of about 3/4 inch. I used them and did a handwrap...it *kinda* hurt.Any suggesti..."
Posted: by Charles
Last Reply: by Glss
Views: 1386    Replies: 14
"Ok, so I bought some juggling clubs off Malcolm the other day, because I'm not that great a club juggler and I thought the fire might get me into it a bit more...So then, yesterday (fou..."
Posted: by The Welcome Matt
Last Reply: by Ajay
Views: 891    Replies: 2
"How do those people in the pictures section make those hundreds of colored trails w/ glowsticks? Is it just the speed of the camera, or some computer generated mod?------------------ww..."
Posted: by Bdaze
Last Reply: by fujisawa
Views: 1295    Replies: 7
" Has any one ever boought really cheasy cheap glow sticks and had them change colors. I bought a bunch at this dollar store place for 50. a peice and they were about 6 inches. an odd th..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 1250    Replies: 5
"I was just practicing with a few mates in my back garden yesterday, and it was really windy. Problems that arose:1) lighter didn't work2) wicks kept going out3) Throws kept blowing away..."
Posted: by Tanzen
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 803    Replies: 2
"I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct forum or not, but here it goes...Last night at a club I saw a guy doing what he called a "magic carpet". He was twirling an all white te..."
Posted: by Organized Kaos
Last Reply: by TwiloRabbit
Views: 1402    Replies: 6
"I was looking at the pictures and I saw that in one of them someone was swinging what looked like glowsticks of more than one colour(One is on page 18 and the other on page 19)does anyo..."
Posted: by tallicaburton
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 7975    Replies: 15
"I just discovered something. There are several disadvantages to using tennis balls to practice, one being if you mess up doing a butterfly they will nail you really hard in the _____ ,..."
Posted: by The Welcome Matt
Last Reply: by Mushinkato
Views: 1226    Replies: 2
"I was wondering if you guys think that knowing the 4/5 beat weave and the BTB would be essential to send in a tape for the competition?------------------www.ahh-thepooh.net <<Thi..."
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