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Posted: by TaiGuy
Last Reply: by Naganootch
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"Hey,have any of you tried those new photon lights called "RAV'N Lights"? Supposedly they use a tricolor bulb which either 'strobes' through the different colors (red, green, blue), or s..."
Posted: by pozee
Last Reply: by Cantus
Views: 5521    Replies: 20
"i was just wondering if it was a misconception that jet fuel is like the best stuff for a fire. like it will give you the best burn. actually jp-5 (jet fuel) is sooo hard to ignite. ..."
Posted: by prue
Last Reply: by Linkovich SeKioA
Views: 1732    Replies: 4
"hi im just new to firetwirling and i have made my last few sticks. i dont have the right wix so bits have been flying off everywhere. i am getting a poi and new stick but i need help wi..."
Posted: by adamrice
Last Reply: by Cantus
Views: 1253    Replies: 7
"OK, call me crazy (go ahead, I'll wait). I decided to make up some double-meteors. I've never done meteors or double-staff, so this is a lot to get used to.They're about 55" each, inclu..."
Posted: by woody
Last Reply: by Julie
Views: 986    Replies: 1
"What can I say. Wirewool really rocks!Made some burners out of chicken wire and they worked amazingly :-)A few pics of Woody and Ithaca with wirewool can be found:https://milton-clevedo..."
Posted: by Ithaca
Last Reply: by Mark P
Views: 1943    Replies: 8
"A few of us have been experimenting with boric (KCl and LiCl) over the past few weeks and have managed to get some good effects.I decided to post a listing of chemical substances that g..."
Posted: by Whiffle Squeek
Last Reply: by .draevon
Views: 1554    Replies: 8
"OK, my good friend Hitokage and I were planning on staging a flaming sword fight at some upcoming event, and we were wondering how exactly it would be best to make the fire swords, any ..."
Posted: by [({PoiToi})]
Last Reply: by adamrice
Views: 922    Replies: 1
"Hey..I finally got my kevlar today AND 4" wide is BIG! Anyway while messing around trying to figure out how i orded 6 feet of kevlar and had small cathedral wicks, i decided to try som..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 1005    Replies: 2
"Does anyone see any advantage to the cathedral fold on wick over the rolled up wick? the corners always seem to singe and loose fuel on the cathedrals."
Posted: by Shouden-CrD
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
Views: 871    Replies: 5
"Awhile back, I remember reading a thread about foiling your wicks to avoid soot marks and the shinyness on the foil looks cool. Well, after trying it..maybe I just suck, but the foil al..."
Posted: by DJ Dantana
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 1754    Replies: 16
"We just invented a new poi toy, it is a spiked mace poi. We took a rubber dog toy that is round with lots of soft rubber spikes on it, covered it with that black rubber coating (the stu..."
Posted: by Available
Views: 382    Replies: 0
"i've got some friends that pay minimal for the spread of play. they're going from school to school in the states on a big tour. looking for suggestions on music garb and are looking fr..."
Posted: by jONdO
Last Reply: by Blackbird
Views: 3137    Replies: 6
"The other evening my friends and I were trying out coloured flames. So i got some boric acid from the chemist and disolved as much as i could into metho. We soaked our poi and when we l..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by burpingbedpost
Views: 1359    Replies: 4
"Hey peopleI was wondering where I should purchase photons onlineI kinda prefer the ASP Sapphire photons compared to the Photon Microlighta and I've seen them pretty cheap @ www.botachta..."
Posted: by Peregrine
Last Reply: by Peregrine
Views: 4229    Replies: 17
"ok 10 bucks says no one remebers who I am...anyhow, making a firestaff and sadly Incendium's site doesnt work so i can't look this up there.... I have aluminum tubing, and was not goin..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Santo
Views: 1089    Replies: 3
"For those of you who have used biodiesel....Is it as picky about burning as Kerosene is? Meaning, can it only be ignited when aspirated, very hot or soaked into something?Also, my under..."
Posted: by Csabs
Last Reply: by Santo
Views: 878    Replies: 2
"Hi firelovers,I began play with fire a month ago and I love to practise in parks in the night. Last week a lampoil was accidentally issued to the ground into the grass. I was so sorry,..."
Posted: by NiKoN
Last Reply: by NiKoN
Views: 2136    Replies: 2
"i hav a set of poi which when spun shoot flames and sparks every where all u need is a ping-pong ball, a poi string with a clamp to attach any thing u want and a small globe (made out ..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 2237    Replies: 18
"I knew I was forgetting something. I have been meaning to post this for awhile and forgot until now.I was recently having a phone conversation with a friend who is a professional fire p..."
Posted: by wulff
Last Reply: by vanize
Views: 2388    Replies: 11
"Hello people, I did a search and went and read the article on clothing and didn't see anything on this type of fabric, although I have been known to be blind like that... anyways I was..."
Posted: by bhawk
Last Reply: by bhawk
Views: 1223    Replies: 8
"I was wondering if anyone knew a way to diffract the light from rav'n and photon lights to make the trail look bigger like what the rav'n crystals do. The only problem with the crystals..."
Posted: by wulff
Last Reply: by GioGio
Views: 1269    Replies: 3
"I didn't see this anywhere in the threads, and that was backed up by it not being in the store.My question relates to the store. I just bought a set of fire poi and am anxiously awaiti..."
Posted: by Firefairy
Last Reply: by wulff
Views: 1238    Replies: 2
"just found a web site which may interest some of you. they do majic props and some really good pyro stuff (some of its a bit expensive). its at www.themagicbox.com"
Posted: by shayla
Last Reply: by Cassandra
Views: 854    Replies: 1
"okay...i admit it...i'm easily frustrated...for some wacked out reason, i got most of the basic staff moves fairly quickly, and had a blast of a time playing around with it...(mostly wh..."
Posted: by HappySticker
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
Views: 1123    Replies: 2
"I was practicing and reading a few posts tonight and decided i am ready to make the transition to fire....and i was very happy to see the sale on the pure flame sets. i looked at the s..."
Posted: by Charles
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 1501    Replies: 2
"Hi guys. Sorry I haven't been posting that often, doing a lot more practice and really getting into doubles staffs at the moment...Anyway, on topic, I've just been looking at all of my..."
Posted: by pozee
Last Reply: by pozee
Views: 1443    Replies: 5
"okay, i do not know what this thing was called, and i have never seen anyone else use one of these things but i am going to try to explain it. first off the moves that the guy did with..."
Posted: by stiltfire
Last Reply: by Gruff
Views: 967    Replies: 3
"I'm not sure where else to ask this.I'm interested in building a fire trombone.I figure there are two ways to approach this:light the horn itself, or have flames shoot out from the bell..."
Posted: by Frenzie
Last Reply: by Ithaca
Views: 2724    Replies: 24
"Noticed that adamrice asked for feedback on the hand harnesses so I thought id start the thread as a few of his sets have started on the relay.I was able to use these poi whilst at Finn..."
Posted: by Shouden-CrD
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
Views: 805    Replies: 2
"Using Large Shop Towels that I purchased at Discount Auto Parts today, and following Pele's instructions (and a little ingeniousnes), I have made my first set of towel wicks, that have ..."
Posted: by Bendy
Last Reply: by xaeda
Views: 1285    Replies: 1
"Just wondering if anyone here does stretches or a warm-up before twirling stuff?I was trying out a few BTB things yesterday for the first time and reaching around, I painfully strained ..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Bendy
Views: 1770    Replies: 6
"It was suggested a while ago that use of toches/sticks would help learn moves. I had some moderate success with this on a few moves but let it go for just plain practicing. Now there ar..."
Posted: by Reddevil
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 1190    Replies: 8
"curious what staff users think,if you get a plastic tube, may have to be thick, but same size as a staff, and fill it with part water, part oil, maybe coloured oil, so they dont mix, an..."
Posted: by krystie
Last Reply: by wulff
Views: 1201    Replies: 13
"I know these things were brought up in another post, but it was a little off-topic, and I think they deserve their own thread.Here are some pics of my sauce sticks. I love the different..."
Posted: by LLcoolPat
Last Reply: by adamrice
Views: 1807    Replies: 4
" Lately I have been using towel wicks that are about 2.5" x 5.5" but for safety and durability reasons have decided to make some kevlar interleaves. The towel wicks are pretty heavy wh..."
Posted: by bhawk
Last Reply: by xaeda
Views: 2509    Replies: 5
"If I remember correctly, Copper Sulfate burns green or blueish-green. I havent seen anyone suggest that for colored flames, is there a reason for that? My friend had one of those chemis..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by .draevon
Views: 3383    Replies: 2
"I am living in Brisbane Queensland Australia and I am having trouble finding a supplier for my kevlar wicks. Can anyone help?"
Posted: by Firefairy
Last Reply: by Firefairy
Views: 1527    Replies: 3
"I have been trying to find out the moves for the fountain (is that the one where it looks like you are completly surrounded by fire?).............Love is for all as well as for one"
Posted: by Christina aka Str0be
Last Reply: by Frenzie
Views: 1115    Replies: 7
"ok, i know i'm going to get some slack for not doing a search, but i want my questions answered specifically, so im sorry if im repeating posts.. im gunna be doing my first fire twirlin..."
Posted: by Gheu
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 966    Replies: 3
"I do all of my poi with glowsticks right now, and I was planning to make a video so I can use it for a competition (not the one on this site since it will include other things). My que..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by Bernie
Views: 10150    Replies: 13
"I just realized that I have no way of safely transporting my coleman fuel that is less bulky than the big ol' metal gallon gas tank. Not sure that getting on a NYC subway with one of t..."
Posted: by stiltfire
Views: 1081    Replies: 0
"I'm posting about an experience I had tonight.I was at a rehearsal tonight for a large show. While I normally use poi that I've made myself, tonight I was trying out the poi portion of..."
Posted: by firestarter
Last Reply: by smilee
Views: 1859    Replies: 14
"hey all, i have a solo performance coming up this week and i am curious how one can make a cauldron for performances -- small scale of course. i would just be using it to re-light my to..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by melissa
Views: 2215    Replies: 14
"i have been using towel on ny poi wiks and I notice that the go out easy is there a way that i could still use towel still but make it stay lit?the closest place to get kevlar would bee..."
Posted: by FiReSpRiTe
Last Reply: by vanize
Views: 3033    Replies: 28
"hey all well i just talked my mom into ordering me some poi, and ive been putting a lot of thought into which ones i want. question.. what are the differences between the regular he..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by NYC
Views: 1597    Replies: 7
"I can find the more common ones like boric acid, but getting hold of stuff like strontium chloride is a nightmare, as it doesn't really have normal a household use.Everyone's like... wh..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Views: 496    Replies: 0
"for my homemade wicks I use fiberglass rope. it works rather well. I haven't yet made any towel wicks. When I was looking for something to use I was told to try fiberglass rope, and it ..."
Posted: by firenomad
Views: 965    Replies: 0
"Ok, I was just up at a festival where we had waterpistols & bubble guns. (Aside: this combo makes for a great 3D shooting game, better than a playstaion 2).But, .. here's one for the t..."
Posted: by Charles
Last Reply: by Cantus
Views: 1395    Replies: 5
"Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! Just got my Pure Flame 3-piece staff from Malcolm and took it to the Auckland Firenight last night in Victoria Park.The weight distribution is a little different to wh..."
Posted: by phunky
Last Reply: by Frenzie
Views: 2063    Replies: 14
"I think...err, i've read that you guys soaked you're sparkly poi in kero. I've never actually tried to make sparkly poi. If you were to soak it in methanol and boric acid would the sp..."
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