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Posted:hey,just wondering if anyone out there had experience with battery powered light sticks or 'street lights" and what u think of them,good/bad?thanks

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Posted:Although the concept of battery powered glow sticks is quite fascinating in its convenience and prob save you some dough if your only buying batteries rather than 3$ glow stix or 30$poi + fuel. The only down side in my mind would be Quality, I just can't see in my mind how batteries + Light bulb can give of the same soul caressing chemically induced glow that the all mighty glow sticks give off.(Only My opinion)~(\/)ISSION~




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Posted:"street lights" if i'm thinking of the right things will break if you don't protect them well with buble wrap.I don't trust any electric glowsticks that are made by companies. I prefer to make my own with LEDs, batteries and wiring.The enxt best thing would be to get RAV'n lights and put em in empty glowsticks

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