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Posted:Do I have to worry about the chains on my Fire Poi (homemade) melting so that either the heads of the Poi fall off, or metal happens to fly and hit me, or nearby friend, or all of the above. Or am I just being over paranoid about lighting up for the first time...Deanage------------------A pig that doesn't fly is just an ordinary pig - Porco Rosso

A pig that doesn't fly is just an ordinary pig - Porco Rosso

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Posted:I'm going to put my cross in the paranoid box.Why should they melt? What metal have you used for the chains?

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Posted:I think dodgy chain would be more likely to break than melt, but I am sure that would be just as undesirable. Chances are that the chain will hold, unless you have used something rather flimsy. If they can handle it unlit, I would guess that they can handle it lit.

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Posted:I don`t think the chains meltin is such a worry, but its a good idea to check your equipment (waiting for the responses) before starting. Make sure that none of the finger loops have come loose or slipped off the key ring (which happened once just before a preformance).SO basically just check everything is working as it should be.



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Posted:Im with Bendy on this one they are more likely to break than melt. If you are looking for something good to use I have found that if you buy a couple of dog 'choker-chains' from a supermarket they do the trick very nicely and they dont tangle easily (a big tick for that quality), they can be a bit heavy though.[This message has been edited by Twirl'N'Burn (edited 14 December 2001).][This message has been edited by Twirl'N'Burn (edited 14 December 2001).]

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Posted:I've mentioned this before, but I'll bring it up again. The first time I used a set of universal meteors, the clips that attached the heads to the cable both melted and one head flew off. It was a bad scene, but it could have been a lot worse. It could have happened in the performance instead of rehearsal. Of course, I would never use a set of Poi for the first time in rehearsal, but this is still an issue for concern. It's as a result of this that I only use equipment I've made myself. As for homemade equipment, if you follow the instructions here, or adam rice's or incendium's, you will be fine. Just make sure you don't use pot metal for components. That stuff has the possibility to break.