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Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by audax
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" This is regarding the free listings on We have many concerns about the number of people who are setting themselves up as "professionals for hire" who are not pra..."
Posted: by redragonx
Last Reply: by Nyx
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"im probly gonna be getting a pair of electroglo poi and a staff at the end of the month, and i'm wundering how much abuse can these things take? and has anyone ever wreked a pair?not ..."
Posted: by master sodium
Last Reply: by NYC
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"ok, so last night at my fire group me and some other got into a fuel discussion. everyone except me was saying that kerosene and parrafin were completely different fuels. from everythin..."
Posted: by Misty
Last Reply: by FlameChild
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"Hi, I'm have been raving with glow sticks and practicing very intently. I relaly want to start trying it with fire but I'm not sure when or how to switch. If anyone has advice on this, ..."
Posted: by master sodium
Last Reply: by DJ Dantana
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"ok, so I've been working with a friend designing some fire flags and haven't been able to find any sites or posts that discuss this. plenty on flags, but no we found this really..."
Posted: by ardenter
Last Reply: by glowshow
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"Just for myself of course, to the music. I've found a nice little trick to do with photon 2 lights.1. Take an opaque white drinking straw, cut it down to about 3 or 4 inches long.2. ..."
Posted: by tricky56
Last Reply: by glowshow
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"ok, so I have looked around for a good page or topic talking about cathedral wick construction. So far the best was Adam Rice's. However, I would like to find a page discussing how to..."
Posted: by loneskoobi
Last Reply: by toneman
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"i have lamp oil and citronella. Can anyone recommend a good ratio, or another kind of fuel that I can find in Philly that lasts long and does not pollute the air? email me with info."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by IdubI
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"Ok, I was spinning at a drum circle last night (not fire, unfortunately, but it was spinning nonetheless) and a guy came up to me and started talking about fishing nets. I'm in Santa B..."
Posted: by Fezza
Last Reply: by Fezza
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"Hello all,I was wondering if anyone had ever tried making a fire toy out of a normal stockmans whip or something of the like ? if so how would i go about making it and is it any good or..."
Posted: by pantsonfire
Last Reply: by Mark P
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"Hey i have looked around on passed topic and come to the conclusion that these thinks sound pretty cool. However i have no idea on how to make on!!! Can anyone enlighten me or point me ..."
Posted: by tricky56
Last Reply: by Mark P
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"so, exactly how do you use this steal wool? I know what it is and it's normal purposes. However, how exactly would you use it to construct a wick. Also, wouldn't the fuel seap out of..."
Posted: by master sodium
Last Reply: by Maelstrom
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"well, my advice is dont do it. I was using some towels the other night at my fire group, for the first burn it was great, second was fine, but the third was very dangerous. it seems aft..."
Posted: by Sparkfire
Last Reply: by Thistle
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"Please tell me someone in the uk has sourced a better fuel than parrifin (slightly less smokey & smelly kero). i cant even find any shellite in this country.still to call a shell depo a..."
Posted: by ardenter
Last Reply: by TheBovrilMonkey
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"Has anyone a good method for attaching ping pong balls to photons? I've put a slit in them and just stuffed the photons inside, but I have to pull them out to turn them on and off (ver..."
Posted: by Axis
Last Reply: by Glss
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"Ever wanted to know how to make stars?Axis Laboratories Proudly Presents ALL NEW STARMAKING PROCESS! Take several 16inch black balloonsWait 'til it's dark and go somewhere with ..."
Posted: by Paraffin
Last Reply: by Diablostik
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"So, I just got back from my first fire poi-xperience and I loved it...however, is there any way for me to make my fire trails thicker, longer, and just better? Right now I'm using stra..."
Posted: by Chibi Kai
Last Reply: by arashi
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"Ok... I know that there has been alot of fuel questions but I was wondering if anyone else has had an experience like this. The story starts in Seattle spinning for the last year with ..."
Posted: by sarah...
Last Reply: by bender
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"how do you get the smell of kerosine out of something? I spilled 1 1/2 litres of kero in my backseat of my car on a few days ago, and was wondering how i can get the smell out. It ..."
Posted: by tricky56
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"Ok, I used some wicks this past weekend they were very nice, but a little on the heavy side. The person who they belonged to said that "adam rice" made them. I was wondering if their ..."
Posted: by Paddy
Last Reply: by Paddy
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"I'm making a set of cables for my fireheads out of 1/16 aircraft cable, but I can't find thimbles for cable that small. I was just wondering how important people think they are...perso..."
Posted: by Newborn
Last Reply: by xtremravr...was here..
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"I'm sure someone else has thought of this but i've got 2 broken beamer heads and two funtioning beamer poi heads and i attached one to either end of each cord! With these new contractio..."
Posted: by TopHat
Last Reply: by arsn
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"Any Last Words of Wisdom... before I make my first set of Fire Poi (Chains)? Any little hints or tips or advice to design? I'm going to follow the Incendium Fire Circus design unless an..."
Posted: by the hidden blade
Last Reply: by bender
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"I would like and opinion on the topic of combining martial arts weapons such as Sword, Nunchukas, etcBecause Nunchukas are illegal i have figured out a way to get around the law!!!post ..."
Posted: by Bram....
Last Reply: by Tracered
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"Ummmm.... I have been practicing firebreathing w/ water during the past few days and will try to hook up w/ a breather for some heat action this weekend. My question is what is the best..."
Posted: by SteelWngs
Last Reply: by pantsonfire
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"Heyla All, Now I've been reading this board for a while and lurking longer and I don't honestly think that this topic has been done.I was wondering what everyone used to keep their used..."
Posted: by ellixxire
Last Reply: by arsn
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"I was wondering what material would be best to use as wick for staffs and poi. I recently found some non-blended kevlar tape, would that work or is it best to go with a fiberglass or c..."
Posted: by Aurora (1/2 a firesister)
Last Reply: by Sepa
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" tails keep on getting in the way of learning new things. They are continuously tangling up...and not just the regular wrap around each other kinda tangle......they tangle up ..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Kinudin (Soul Fyre)
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"Ok, so I'm looking into a pair of electric poi (my eyes are getting bigger than my wallet) and I'm debating whether to go with electroglow or beamers.1) Which is brigher?2) Which lasts ..."
Posted: by TheBovrilMonkey
Last Reply: by Charles
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"Ok, this might seem a little odd, but I intend to build myself a firestaff but can't find anywhere near me that sells aluminium tubing - the only tubing I can find is copper pipe but th..."
Posted: by Mark P
Last Reply: by Kinudin (Soul Fyre)
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"Please, please, please could someone let me know what is being used in this picture - they look excellent but far too solid to be just glowsticks.I would be very grateful if anyone coul..."
Posted: by alterego
Last Reply: by Kinudin (Soul Fyre)
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"We don't have any powders to try them out yet but I came up with a cool idea and my friend who is a machinery repairman was able to build it for me.I took 1/2" x 4" aluminum rod and bor..."
Posted: by Paddy
Last Reply: by Paddy
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"Okay, I tried this last night and it works like a charm. Haven't heard of anyone doing this so I thought I'd share it. If you have a videocamera and a VCR, hook it up through your VCR..."
Posted: by master sodium
Last Reply: by master sodium
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"I know, I know, tons of sparkly poi threads, we dont need another one, yeah I get it (actually I think I'm gonna get it from the peanut gallery)anyway, I was down at the store getting s..."
Posted: by DeadManWalkin30
Last Reply: by Charles
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"I was making a set of practice poi using tennis balls, and my dad was helping. He happens to be a fireman and helps with my poi all the time, he, being a fireman , suggested instead..."
Posted: by tricky56
Last Reply: by arashi
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"I'm from Austin Texas, and am looking for a place to get some kevlar wicking material. Can anyone reccomend a local place, or a good online shop. I know that this site sells it, but I..."
Posted: by DeadManWalkin30
Last Reply: by alterego
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"What's a monkey fist not, how are they used??Also, I've done poi using lamp oil and I'm interested in trying kero or coleman's, which is better any suggestions??"
Posted: by Jackal
Last Reply: by Charles
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"I've been told kero is a carcinegen(gives you cancer),is this true?I know pure kero isn't but the Blue stuff in the bottles usaualy isn't 100% pure it has carinegenic additives?Help me ..."
Posted: by Dr Jimbo jones
Last Reply: by xtremravr...was here..
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"Hi all.Dose any one know where to get blue l.e.d (ultra brite) beaming poi or do i have to make them myself.Also dose anyone know if it is poss to use laser diodes in a foam pack ba..."
Posted: by burnfest
Last Reply: by kelsosfriend
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"Hey just looked at ur photos in the new HOP galllery......what are u twirling??? they look great. Spesh like the rainbow one. anyway would love to know. Happy twirling!! "
Posted: by SteelWngs
Last Reply: by arashi
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"Hey All,OK I have a question for everyone. When it come to fire twirling does anyone put anything special in their hair or wear something? I'm have fairly long hair and I was wondering ..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by xtremravr...was here..
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"Ok, what is "liquid?" I'm wondering if I do it. Is this just holding glowsticks in your hands and doing figure-8's and stuff? If so, I'm good at it. If it's something else, then I'm..."
Posted: by TheBovrilMonkey
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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"Recently, I've decided that the handle on my pure flame 3 piece staff is a bit wider at the joins than I'd like, and I'm tempted to buy an inner core staff since it looks thinner at the..."
Posted: by Flaming Star
Last Reply: by nasu
Views: 5336    Replies: 36
"I just moved to this new town a my brothers into this train stuff,So i was taking him to a hobby shop down the street. When we walked he went over to the train stuff and looked around.S..."
Posted: by stickyfish
Last Reply: by Ade
Views: 2718    Replies: 20
"I just watched the video of the beaming poi and they look really really good. The reason I haven't watched the video before is because so many people have put "beaming poi" down as thei..."
Posted: by everything_zen
Last Reply: by falloutboy
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"hey there peeps,Im new to this, but I really need some help to make a staff! Iv been playing on a mates, but I want one now! Damn addictive huh. Basically, what kinda material do you us..."
Posted: by god'o'fire
Last Reply: by SickpuPpy
Views: 1293    Replies: 2
"Whenever I take pictures they turn out horrible and I don't know why. How do you get the streams of fire or glo to show up in your pictures like I have seen on various web sites. Is ..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by bender
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"Ok, I was doing an act this weekend and I wanted to twirl my staff and then in the middle of the act pick up my pois.Problem: the finger loops on my pois tend to collapse and I have to ..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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"Having grown up with Tarot cards at my disposal,which have staves as a suit, and being around Ren folk where I know staff makers and such, I seem to notice that different people refer t..."
Posted: by Tobbe
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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"Just thinking....How about smoking pois? I know you can get coloured smoke from some kind of safety tortch. Has anyone tried to play with something like this? or could you make your own..."
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