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Posted:Heyla All,
Now I've been reading this board for a while and lurking longer and I don't honestly think that this topic has been done.

I was wondering what everyone used to keep their used poi or fire toys in. I found this great metal tin (at a arts and crafts store )to use for mine but, I was wondering if any one has a better idea.

The tin is great but you can still smell the torch fuel through the box. My co-workers were wondering what I was carrying at work.
I've thought of coating the outside of the box with a bead line of silicone calking (like you use for house window treating in the winter) to help prevent leakage at least.

Well tell me what you all use ... Please.

Blessings to all,
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Posted:unfilled gallon paint cans

(get 'em at true-value hardware)
plus they come with a nifty handle!





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Posted:I do think this subject has come up before, but that's OK.

I don't use 'em myself, but surplus ammo boxes would be perfect for impermeable storage of your poi equipment.

My own setup is a bucket with my "wet kit" (ground torch, fuel bottle, soaking tank, wicks, rubber gloves, towel, funnel), and a toolbox with my "dry kit" (chains, first aid, multi-tool, etc).

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Posted:I have a 3 foot long piece of PVC turbing, wide enough and long enough to hold my staff (disassembled) and a bottle of fuel.

Works well for me also have 2 wick covers made out of old socks and some elastic, also use them when i practice so i don't damage my wicks when i constantly drop my staff.

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Posted:I use a builders frail.

Its one of them special bags that builders, carpenters etc... use (in the uk at least!) and kinda looks like an oval of cloth/hessian with handles.

its just perfect cos my fire clubs and fire devil sticks fit in as well as my chains and also a gallon of parrafin and a jar i use to dip in.

Im also trying to get hold of some suede so i can make some drawstring type bags to go over the heads of all my fire kit so it wont smudge any other stuff when not in use and hopefully keep the smell out/in!



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Posted:I have found that a snowboard bag works well. But I have alot of toys to play with. staff, batons, trisectional staff. My soft toys, meteor and poi go into drawstring bags then into the snowboard bag. Accompany that with a bucket and funnel for fuel and off you go. The snowboard bag also makes it nice for airline travel.

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Posted:hmm interesting topic... I found this sturdy plastic box thing at a hunting/fishing supply sotre a few years back.. it's been used for all kinds of things before my fire toys it's about 14 X 9 X 9 inches and has a top that flips open and a rubber seal that does a great job at keeping the smell in I would likw to find a larger one, but havent had any luck.
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Posted:I'm a big fan of the one gallon paint can. Except I keep it full of lamp oil, and poi heads soaking 24-7. I use a half gallon glass moon shine bottle for my white gas.

Both of these containers and a bunch of tools, and smaller containers fit into a dimond plated steel tool box that can be carried around.

I have taken PVC parts and configured 2 tubes with screw lids, to carry my staff and mock fire knife. The air tight tubes help keep the smell down when transporting. The big bonous is that when I want to charge either of the toys I fill the tub just over the bottom wicking, screw the lid on tight, and let it soak. Then flip the whole tube to soak the other end. When both sides are ready I pull the toy half way out and let it drip off. BTW I lashed climbing rope to the poles so they have some handles.

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Posted:I use a big plastic box for the bowl, poi, fuel container, funnel and fire blanket. It's not really airtight enough so the car still stinks. Also use pvc pipes for staff and clubs.



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Posted:I fold space around my equipment and leave them in a quantum singularity when not in use. I open up a wormhole by uttering the manta "Damn, Zha Zha Gabor is a hottie!" quickly summoning the firetoys from foldspace. Sure, it compromises the integrity of space-time, but that's the price you pay to cleanly and cheaply store ya firetoys.

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Posted:I just remembered theres another reson you sould use an air tight container for you wicks it's
beacuse if you don't they can spontaneously combust beacuse of the left over fule on them.

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Posted:i pack mine poi in plastic bags tied then i put them in an old shoe box which someone wrote on it "the magic box" (Stoner friends i suspect!) then all this along with fuel, water, towel, those garden light things (on bamboo only a foot high ones ) goes in to a milk crate!!! the staff is in my other hand.
I think its about time i switch to oddor less fee storage, cause my set up is not very good.

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