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Liquid Cow
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Posted:Ok, this might seem a little odd, but I intend to build myself a firestaff but can't find anywhere near me that sells aluminium tubing - the only tubing I can find is copper pipe but the walls are too thin (I can bend it in half even with my knackered wrist) and I can't even find that at a diameter I want.

Does anyone happen to know somewhere I can mail order aluminium tubing?
Online ordering would be better but I'm not going to hold my breath trying to find anywhere that does that

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baerie fen
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Posted:could always stuff a piece of dowel down middle of copper pipe.will make pipe rigid & soak up heat !
i like steel curtain pole from B&Q type places me self
& bolt your wicks on much safer

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Posted:I would open the Yellow Pages up an dlook under "Engineering" and "Aluminium". Call the biggest add as they are more likely to have more staff, and so will be mor ehelpful.

Chances are they won't supply it, but should be able to suggest who will. It shouldn't take more than three phone calls on a weekday to suss it all out.

Be aware, you may need to buy several metres at once, rather than just the amount you want.


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