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Posted:Ever wanted to know how to make stars?

Axis Laboratories Proudly Presents


Take several 16inch black balloons

Wait 'til it's dark and go somewhere with a low horizon/a high place/ the open ocean.

Fill balloons with helium.

Attach White Hi-Intensity glowsticks to the nozzles of the balloons (elastic bands work well).

Crack glowsticks (make a wish) and release the balloons.


Did this at Glastonbury in the green fields to great effect a couple of years ago with the highly eccentric and slightly dangerous Major Burns.

WARNING: never attempt this with sparklers, EVER.
It may look pretty but the sparkler can burst the balloon and you really dont want burning rubber falling out of the sky in random places. Unless you are in a row boat in the open ocean Don't do it!

*Axis returns to secret underground laboratory to work on new quirky and strange inventions*

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Posted:This man really has too much time on his hands, and we like them ideas!


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Posted:Oh, here's the recipe I use:

1) Assemble several heptillion metric tonnes of hydrogen in a remote area of interstellar space.

2) Apply several million newtons per square meter of pressure.

3) Bake at 6 million degrees C for 100,000 years.

4) Use hot pads when removing from the oven.

(Ok, so I'm a smartass)

-Mike )'(
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Posted:quote: This man really has too much time on his hands Er, I never have enough time!

It's part of my job to be inventive and creative and to find new and interesting ways of entertaining people.

And yes i have been paid on several occassions to perform this starmaking process!

PS do not do this near airports!






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Posted:Smartass Mike? No, I think the proper term is "nerd" my brother.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]



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Posted:Excuse me, where do these glow stick/balloon creations end up when they eventually fall out of the sky. I hope not in the ocean or local waterway.
Think about the impact on your surroundings


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Posted:yea!! poor fishes!! think if one of them end up swiming into the balloon!! or a jelly fish trying to mate with a half lit glowstick!! how mean can you be?!?! lol sorry i had to be a smart a$$ about that

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Posted:I have to say i very rarely do this, for exactly that reason.

However the balloons i use are biodegradeable.

In terms of waste they produce less than a small firework show, and are seen by more people, so i figure they are better than fireworks.

I once did this as part of a larger show which also had a major firework display and some pretty spectacular pryo swinging in it. After the show people talked more about the 'mysterious lights floating into the sky' than anything else. If people do not know how its done it astonishes them.

I use glowsticks that go out before the balloons land, you can also tether them to the ground if you want to.

I did try constructing, using a balsa frame, an enormous glowing question mark to float over my home city at new years but soon calculated the cost of the helium required

One day, one day...



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Really like the making stars idea, genius.
you've got me wanting to rekindle one of my old dreams...
forget helium
I'm getting an old idea a new.
the fun we could have this summer with some of my big lifter kites (I need an excuse to get them out of the attic), and your hanging creations

Like glowing skeletons flying over grave yards, but I likes your question mark idea much more


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