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Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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"Having grown up with Tarot cards at my disposal,which have staves as a suit, and being around Ren folk where I know staff makers and such, I seem to notice that different people refer t..."
Posted: by Tobbe
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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"Just thinking....How about smoking pois? I know you can get coloured smoke from some kind of safety tortch. Has anyone tried to play with something like this? or could you make your own..."
Posted: by FlamingJames
Last Reply: by FlamingJames
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"I am trying to make a spiral of flame.So far I've made a cross staff with the wicks arranged like this: (folow the link) cross diagram The idea is that when spun the flame trails will ..."
Posted: by DarkFairyQueen
Last Reply: by sarah...
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"Howdy Ya'll I've read in sum o' yo' posts about thingz called 'Photons' and 'Zoonies'. WOT R THEY??From wot I gather their a type of poi, and appear to be known to the American memb..."
Posted: by lluhmas
Last Reply: by Kyrian
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"Magnesium burns in a bright white flame. I'm loking for ways to (a) reproduce that white flame and (b) fatten out my flames considerably.I know of multiply wicked staffs and have made a..."
Posted: by adren@line
Last Reply: by adren@line
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"does anyone know of any sites, people, places or anything that have INTERESTING fire resistant clothes suitable for performing, or just casual clothes suitable for twirling any ol' time..."
Posted: by klubkidnyc
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
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"when can we get that!!!soon i hope......please i really want those...."
Posted: by Morgane
Last Reply: by adamrice
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"there are lots of threads about self-made staffs BUT what i want from u is info on:What is the best way to tone down the dammage it will do to me:)I have a 140 cm wooden broomstick righ..."
Posted: by Axis
Last Reply: by SmokyDavy
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"Hi!I simply need to know what in your experience is the brightest thing you can put on the end of your strings (excluding fire!).I perform short (5min) stage shows so i dont need the br..."
Posted: by Shouden-CrD
Last Reply: by Bear
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"I have been charged with making a fire sign for one of my customers. I have tried searching, but to no avail.. I know of all the performers out there, SOMEONE must have made one before...."
Posted: by NYC_not_PK
Last Reply: by Mark P
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"Quick question for anyone who has colored their flames before. I read through all of the info on the site (like a good little poster) but I had some ideas of my own for getting the sal..."
Posted: by Friendly Lampshade
Last Reply: by NightShade1
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"Hiya guys ! I was checking through a while back looking for some good glo-stick dancing links. I was just glad to find some people with a similar obsession ! Anyway, t..."
Posted: by Shouden-CrD
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"I would like to make a comment about the references on, and this is actually be passed on from two of my customers who I recently had add references in for myself.The..."
Posted: by Benstickin
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"for about the past 6 months now i have been working on a meteor that clamps apart in the middle and has handles that rotate around a cable like alot of party kids do with pens and i wa..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Fire By Riz tm
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"First question.... who knows where i can buy aluminum tubing? what kinds of stores? and does Home depot sell dowel rods over 4ft? (there isn't one real real close to here, so i'd rather..."
Posted: by smistermike
Last Reply: by Cassandra
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"does anyone know anything about sparkle poi? What it is? Where I can get it? Etc....Please help!Thanx"
Posted: by master sodium
Last Reply: by master sodium
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"I'm looking to find some small lights to attach up the length of my strings/chains. I need something less directed than an led. preferably cheaper as well. any ideas would be most appre..."
Posted: by Joe D.
Last Reply: by glowshow
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"Hi everyone, I am in need of your suggestions re: wholesale suppliers of the COOLEST rave toys and flasy, blinky toys around..I will be selling at The So.Cal. Renaissance Faire and vari..."
Posted: by vahboom
Last Reply: by Pele
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"what are the best fuels to use for fire transfers?i can't seem to get a very big flame with rubbing alcohol.can anyone help?thanks and PEACE,V"
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Maelstrom
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"and it needs to be not online b/c i don't have a credit card "
Posted: by MrConfused
Last Reply: by Stone
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"Hi all.Just wondering if there was an easy technique for shortening your chains. I've been wrapping my chains (ball chain, if it's of any relevance) around the first two fingers of each..."
Posted: by greenfyregirl
Last Reply: by woody
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"Hello! Another new person!!I wanted to thank Woody for his instructions on how to make the wire wool poi. I made some on tuesday nite, and used them at our fire gathering. WOW!! i set..."
Posted: by graphicvi0lence
Last Reply: by graphicvi0lence
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"You can tell was made by a beginner. lol, anyway. I took the straps (finger loops) and string from my zuni's, and threaded a keyring through a glow in the dark street hockey"
Posted: by halfabike
Last Reply: by firecaster
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"ok...after much anticipation i lit my poi and staff for the first time the other one problem is the kerosene getting everywhere! i dunk the staff and then spinn it between my ..."
Posted: by yashiro
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Posted: by graphicvi0lence
Last Reply: by graphicvi0lence
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"I was at walmart a couple weeks ago, and picked up something called a pocket strobe. I don't really know how to describe it..but it's a keychain..and it even has a clip. light..."
Posted: by NaRRa
Last Reply: by lluhmas
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"hello there,i have been looking at this site for a week now and i must say that I really wanted to start on poi myself. I wanted to know what would be the best thing to do for a newbie ..."
Posted: by adamrice
Last Reply: by arashi
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"There's been some talk of local safety regulations. Here's Austin's regs, straight from the fire marshal. I know there are some controversial points in here, but I'm not going to commen..."
Posted: by graphicvi0lence
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"How do YOU go about holding your strap (if single, of course) I haven't really chosen a method since I just switched from the finger what do you prefer?"
Posted: by Chaos Childe
Last Reply: by adamrice
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"I've been playing with my homemade fire staff for a while, and I've noticed that I have really short burn times.When I made it, the guy who sold me the wicking (at Renegade) said I woul..."
Posted: by Kiri
Last Reply: by Kiri
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"Okay, just be nice to me because I am just beginning, I bought my first pois at the Byron Bay markets the other day and I have just started using some things I learnt when I was travell..."
Posted: by JohnSmith
Last Reply: by firecaster
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"Does anyone know a good way of getting the screws through the wicking?Usually, i have been drilling holes in the metal and through the wood, marking where they are with a felt pen line,..."
Posted: by Jello
Last Reply: by Jello
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"What are the differences between heads for pure flame set and tube core fire heads? Are either better than the other? Which would be best for a first time fire user? I have a routine..."
Posted: by arashi
Last Reply: by Pele
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"hey everybody... just wanted to let everyone know that,esp. if you are using any kind of alcohol based fuels(coleman, denatured alcohol, jet fuel,etc.) there are cans called safety cans..."
Posted: by Jez
Last Reply: by Debz@DNA
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"I have just recieved my electroglow poi (Within 5 days &lbr;very impressed&rbr;) and it suddenly occured to me that I can switch the leds from my poi to the staff and vice versa. Theref..."
Posted: by Phuhzzzie Wuhzzzie the Pumpkin King
Last Reply: by s-p-l-a-t
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"Hi all, I just came accross a new fuel the the other day, odour reduced kero. And I want to know a bit about it.It's great stuff, first of all it barely smells! Yay!Burning wise i..."
Posted: by Kuris
Last Reply: by Space
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"Does anyone have any tips or suggestions with learning reverse moves? I just can't get my turns smooth without learning the reverse wave and I'm having a hard time learning it. Any sug..."
Posted: by Kim
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 1155    Replies: 7
"I am just like learning how to this this and i only get to see the person who teaches me about 1 time a month, and i was just wondering if there is any way not to have ribbons and tails..."
Posted: by Dut
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"I started a grip discussion in the Poi Moves forum since people were asking a bunch of grip questions there. If moderators feel it should be moved to this thread, i won't be offended. =..."
Posted: by Belle
Last Reply: by phuzzz
Views: 1734    Replies: 5
"what is the difference between swinging torches and juggling torches? Is it the weighting, proportions or just that knob on the end? Are swinging torches easy to juggle or juggleable at..."
Posted: by Deathlok
Last Reply: by Cassandra
Views: 2068    Replies: 3
"I was wondering if anyone could tell me any chemicals that would change the color of the fire. Not in mid swing or anything just getting tired of the same orange color of white gas. ..."
Posted: by lluhmas
Last Reply: by phuzzz
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"Hey. I'm looking to build a double handed staff ( a staff so long it can only be twirled with two hands)...and Im considering putting three wicks on each end....anyone done this sort of..."
Posted: by protozoa
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 2403    Replies: 13
"All:The Zuni brand poi, manufactured by InfinityToys, I am pleased to report have improved greatly since falling out of favor here on HOP.A friend gets em wholesale and brought them for..."
Posted: by Paddy
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"okay, here's the deal. I've tried making some comet/streamer poi, like the ones available in the shop, but every time I have the same problem. Basically, I find that the inertia of th..."
Posted: by TopHat
Last Reply: by redragonx
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"Which is better, Cable or Chain pois? Also with cable pois can you do the disc move?"
Posted: by rftek
Last Reply: by Mark P
Views: 3358    Replies: 10
"hi all, i'm trying to start a show your flags thread. i don't mind if it becomes a show your gear thread. ; ) heres my second set of flags, neutek. &lbr;img&rbr;"
Posted: by yashiro
Last Reply: by yashiro
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"Hello, haven't been in this forum for some time hehewell, anyone know what lenght is the perfect lenght for long staff? I like long staff, not short ones for doubles staffinI am 182cm, ..."
Posted: by Gruff
Last Reply: by TopHat
Views: 999    Replies: 1
"I dont know if any of you have tried this but ive just come across an old, but unused axe handle (the sort that lumberjacks use) and thought it would be good fun to 'give it a twirl'. I..."
Posted: by Gruff
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 991    Replies: 2
"Just been thinking. If the problem was that before the LED units would slide up and into the tube, never to be seen again, and now they are glued in place to stop this, so you cant inte..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by alphalight
Views: 1820    Replies: 14
"Ok, definetly a super newbie here, but I made my first set of practice poi today...., ok, i think my computer hates me but we are going to try this again. Anyhow, I had wire parshially ..."
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