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Posted:Magnesium burns in a bright white flame. I'm loking for ways to (a) reproduce that white flame and (b) fatten out my flames considerably.
I know of multiply wicked staffs and have made a few, but im wondering now if there is such a thing as magnesium based fuels, and if so, where can I get some.
Or if theres another fuel that burns a bright white.

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Posted:Just about the most comprehensive list is on www.firechains.com:

By general concensus, the best chemicals are:
Boric acid, which gives a green/blue flame. This is sold in pharmacies in powdered form as it has antiseptic properties.
Lithium chloride, which gives a nice red flame. Tricky to get as it's an anti-depressant.
Copper chloride, which gives a good green/blue flame.
Indium, expensive and hard to find, gives a deep violet.
Other which are theoretically possible, but might not give such good results are:
Strontium compounds - red.
Calcium compounds - orangy-red.
Barium compounds - green.
Potassium chloride - a purple flame.
White gas (liquid gas e.g. Colemans camping fluid) - a white flame.
Dry gas (as above) - a blue flame.
If you're after colours, Meths is apparently good cos it burns with a clear flame.. therefore you see the colours better. Not sure how well it burns though cos I haven't tried it.
Hope that helps.


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Posted:i was hanging with a friend experimenting with color additives a while back...using shards of magnesium to acheive that great whitebluesilver flame it gives...my observations: magnesium is hard to find, as i am not a chemist; magnesium has a really high flash point, so when a staff with magnesium shards "glued" to the outside of the wicks was lit, after 2 or 3 minutes a couple of shards sparkled, we couldn't figure out a way to make it get hot enough quick enough to have a bright silver flame on out wicks, although we made some non-spinnable solids that, when applied continually to a solid still flame, shot out 3-4 foot jets of mag-flame.....so this has been my play w/magnesium...hope you have more success than we did, and if you do, let us know how...




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Posted:hey "carnelian angel", have you tried grinding it into powder and then immersing it in your solid medium? also i seem to remember from my firefighting days that some magnesium burns when exposed to water, and is hard to put out- be careful when putting out your wicks! sounds like fun...i'm gonna knock you up for some fuel mixes when you're done!

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Posted:actually, the "magnesium that burns when expose to water" was probably sodium metal...some realy wicked shit. you have to keep it stored under a hydrocarbon liquid. a piece bigger than a 22 bullet will blow up when dropped into water, it also produces hydrogen gas when exposed to water...another explosive.

And...magnesium powder is VERY dangerouse, it is actually a component of certain high explosives... (and I don't mean explosives that have been smoking marijuana! )
It is very very very dangerouse when in a powdered form.

next to imposible to put the fire out too.

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Posted:i never thought white gas flames looked particuarly white,but that could just be me. perhaps it takes colors better?

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