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Ok, so I'm looking into a pair of electric poi (my eyes are getting bigger than my wallet) and I'm debating whether to go with electroglow or beamers.

1) Which is brigher?

2) Which lasts longer?

3) Which hurts less on impact?

4) Which is less likely to break?

Any other input would be welcome, also.


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beamers are bright so are electroglo but they both produce a different kind of light. The beamers produce a dull glow with bright directional LEDs sticking out of them(4 in each ball) Electroglow produces a tube of light with one end brighter.

beamers hurt because they are very heavy and are very hard. The electroglow's hurt when you do wraps(it pinches the skin). I've gone home with bruises that looked like someone beat me with a club on the backsides of my arms..just from doing wraps. Beamers are more of a blunt impact, whereas the electroglow's have an edge on the "rubber" caps on the ends. I'd honestly have to say I think the electroglow's hurt more.. hehe

I think they are both pretty un-breakable..but due to teh way the electroglow's are designed, the "cable" that runs through it rubs against the film on the inside of the tube, and the result is the glow isn't as good because the film is what diffuses the light.

On another note, If you are to spinning something lighter, I'd recommend the electroglow poi's because the beamers are quite heavy to spin. Comparable to fire wicks I think.


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oooo - controversy!

I wouldn't say Beamers are particaulry heavy, I've spun many pairs of fire poi that weigh alot more than they do. I think i'd say that Electroglow's are light...
Heck whatever you're used to I guess. I think beamers are about a tennis ball and a half in weight...

Now the pain factor.
I've only had a play with Electroglows (Thanks C@ntus!) and didn't give myself a particularly heavy thwack but they seem quite a bit more forgiving than beamers. Like the shop says "Experienced users only!" Very true. Tales of these beasts range from black shins to knock-outs - I made myself VERY dizzy from a nice little back-of-the-head shot.
Having said this, if you stay within your limits and don't use them to practice with, this doesn't really come into contention.

The brightness I'd agree with:
Electrglow, I think are basically the equivalent of re-useable Glowsticks in terms of luminence, whereas Beamers and a more direct light which produces about 4 lines of colour per ballw when spun which I think look great. Also, if you're wearing a white top, you get some cool effects - would look wicked in smoke...

Can't say about battery life, but AA's are cheaper than lithiums. Both are suitably durable, they wouldn't sell as well as they do if they kept breaking.

Hope this helps

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..ya the beamers are great looking, and the orange ones look *realy* good under a blacklight with the led's on!! and yeah they lok really sweet in smoke too!! the electroglo poi are alot less painfull in almost any kind of hit, the beamers weight close to a half a pound with the batteries i them and the electroglo poi are really light. but like durbs said if you stay within your boundaryies with the beamers they are the way to go...but i warn you...wear a cup...seriously!!

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ya gotta get beamers. everyone should get beamers. ya know. . . they say you can tell a person that uses beamers by the bruises on their shins and the lumps on their head. looks a little like domestic violence. best damn poi toy out there.

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Beamers Rock!, I had my first play at a free party on Saturday night (thanks Chloe) :-)

I did however produce stars in front of my eyes as one ball connected with a rather solid crunch to the top of my head!!

I am saving for a pair as we speak

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The beaming poi are quite heavy and with the velocity that i spin them i have had a few accidents! i think memorably was a couple of months ago i was doing BTB weave and i'd just started learning how to do it! I was a bit "Tranquilised" and thought i could do easy since i had done it twice previously that night!
But as i started getting into the move one of the balls hit the back of my leg and i thought oh no its gunna all go horribly wrong and then a solid crash of a beamer right in the chops arrghhhh!

Alot of blood but i felt no pain as i've mentioned above so it was fine and i continued to spin but i now have a small fear of my beamers!

Got a pair of electroglow poi and they are evil esp when catching yourself on your funny bone just in the gap in your elbow (ABSOLUTE FCUKING AGONY)
That has hurt more than any other poi-related injury i have sustained!
Though they are alot lighter but like glowsticks they dont hit u bit scrape u when u hit yourself which is often more painfull!!!

Beamers Hurt but double Beamers r u insane???Well actually...yes i am!

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*goes through his change cup for enough money to buy some beaming poi*

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