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Posted:Has anyone a good method for attaching ping pong balls to photons? I've put a slit in them and just stuffed the photons inside, but I have to pull them out to turn them on and off (very annoying, and ping pong balls wear out after a few times, plus I spin them so fast that the ball pushes against the switch and sometimes turns them off). Any ideas?


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Posted:I don't know how much difference in weight you'll be ok with, but you could try filling the ping pong balls with clear silicon sealant and cut in a photon shaped slot.

This should keep the photon switch flush with the surface of the ping pong ball so that you can turn it on and off easily and the actual LED would end up somewhere in the middle of the ball so would still light it up pretty well.

This is just guesswork though, it's kind of like what I'm intending to do with some photons I took from some broken juggling balls I have, if I end up getting them sorted in the near future, I'll post a couple of pictures.

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