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Posted:I've been told kero is a carcinegen(gives you cancer),is this true?
I know pure kero isn't but the Blue stuff in the bottles usaualy isn't 100% pure it has carinegenic additives?
Help me please.

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Posted:Yes, it is very very bad for you.
Don't swallow it.

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there's an interesting thread on the social board right now titled "lighting up"-


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Posted:Yes it is a carcinegen... It worries me too But I don't think it's as bad as smoking a pack a day or standing on a busy street breathing in the fumes (not that that makes it any better ) I'd really love to find a non toxic fire twirling fuel. I've searched around abit though and it seems that just about anything that burns gives off some sort of smelly, unhealthy crap (even wood fires) so I don't know what to do I love fire!
Sorry I'm no help, but I'm on the mission too!

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Posted:Look, here's my take, and I'm speaking as someone with a fair amount of study under my belt into this field:

About ten years ago, someone came out with a study that using an electric razor increased cancer incidence because of the EMF from the razor. Not two months later, someone came out with a study showing that the foaming agents used in shaving cream might be carcinogenic. Right after that, someone came out with a study suggesting that the irritation to the skin caused by wearing a beard might cause cancer.

Here's another one: Testosterone is classified as a carcinogen by the state of California. Before you ladies start snickering and pointing, so is estradiol (estrogen). And cell phones. There's evidence coming out of a lab at Stanford that caffeine may even be a carcinogen. And yeah, kero is also a carcinogen.

Life causes cancer, folks. Every second, every cell in your body has several thousand DNA damage events occur, most of which are fixed by your enzymes.

There are some really dumb things that you can do. You can walk around breathing kero fumes all day every day (only open your kero outside, and try to get as little on you as you can). You can put the stuff in your mouth. You can smoke cigarettes. You can go waltzing around in the sun all day every day without sunscreen.

But in the end, a healthy, non-smoking poi spinner isn't going to be at as large a risk for cancer as someone who does any of the above things.

And the other thing is get routine health check-ups. If you catch a cancer early, it can be cured. If you catch it late...well...you know what happens.

Be well.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Facts and logic? Interesting... it just might make sense...

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Posted:Short quick point...if everything in the world gives you cancer, then you're going to have a hard time avoiding it all.

What might be better is to do healthy things (like eating fruit & vege's, exercises, having your 8 litres of water a day etc etc) rather than avoiding carcinogens...

Makes it a lot less to remember all at once as well...

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