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pika del fuego
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pika del fuego

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Posted:my digicam (casio exilim z-1000 10.1 mp) has a very unfortunate problem for a fire makes these blue phantoms and/or vertical lines emanating from the fire source when taking video. photos come out nice but i do see the ghosts on the screen prior to capture.

i feel i have changed every setting possible and still the ghosts haunt me. the manufacturer could give a rats' a%$ if some pyro can't make cool videos to share. photo forums are like 'why are you taking videos of fire?'

yes, other people see the same thing and no, i am not currently at a rave wink

anyone have this problem and fix it? c'mon, make a girl's day!


anybody own a compact and affordable digicam they like that takes great fire vids? would love to know the make and model.

vaya con fuego, amigos...


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Posted:Yup, my casio elixim does the same thing, comes from having a moderately cheap camera....


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