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The flow mass kinda just slide on there but because the flowmass and the cases are slightly tacky they don't fly off when you spin. flowtoys.com says a bit of alcohol will help the mass...

So I haven't been here in a while but I see things are still the same. Thanks Tom. I was just rereading this thread and watching her videos you took the words right out of my mouth.

Think about how hard you had to focus to do a butterfly or a weave when you first started. How about about 1 month of spinning? how about 1 year?In circus arts its the same deal. I've ...


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     19th August, 2005
Custom Colors
"After ordering some tribal neon paint and not have it come for a few months I was beginning to question HoP's usually spotless record. But after sending an e-mail to Chris within a few days I had my paint and was extremely impressed. Recently I put in a question about custom colors on tailed poi. Not only did Chris help me with every question but saw me through the entire process from ordering to finding out what colors were available to informing me when they had come in. HoP has the best service and support around."
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