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Is there such a thing as transparent socks? So you can put glowy stuff in them and see through

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If you're using woven cloth, the thinner/stretchier your material, the more transparent it will be. Of course, the thinner it is, the more susceptible it is to tearing, especially if your heads are weighty. You could also use a sheet of tough transparent plastic like vinyl. This will eliminate stretch, which I find distracting in poi, but other than that probably won't have any great characteristics for smooth spinning. Or you could use a net, which for most purposes behaves like a sock (though without the drag from air resistance it moves more quickly) and is more or less transparent.
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How about stockings? They would be really transparent, Though they might be a pain in the ass to spin with.

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Yeah. Those stretch a ton. Anything think of fishnet stocking yet in particular?

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there is something out there, but its by another manufacturer, so I don't feel right in promoting that here. If you are in desperate need, pm me and I'll send you that info.

Stockings aren't too bad, but they take a good bit of conditioning and pre-stretching to prevent it from being too bouncy. I have a lovely pair of black/blue striped stocking poi which I adore.

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i've use the netting bags which you get for washingmachine powered tablets with colecord instead of the draw string

i've also use the white hop sock poi in the playpoi section which i really like the glow goes through it really nicely

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nothing better than some sexy white/transparent stockings!


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Fishingline can be woven into netting, so can simple FO cable.

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