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Posted:I have an idea for a powder that could produce nice sparkly poi effect without shoot massive amounts of molten steel round the place. This magical stuff is peat.

I had a flash back to the summer solctice when we were down having a party in a bog and my poi had been lying on the floor at some stage and I noticed the glowing peat flying off when I swung 'em afterwards.

Now I've no idea if this is going to work but I'm willing to try it out too see. I don't even know how hot it'll burn or for how long but I'd imagine it may have benefits that steel wool doesn't have. I also have no idea how it'll look...

Anyway does anyone have any ideas on how I can design poi to carry a powder which will get hot and glow and then fly off? I think it will need to be comacted together somehow (but not too tightly), so that when the lump is heated the individual bit of powder will fly off as they heat up.

I don't even know if it'll be possible or not but maybe one of you have an amazing idea??

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Posted:Just get to work on it, improvise a cage of some kind and do preliminary tests to establish if it's got potential.

I've found when experimenting with new ideas that it's best to just botch something together rather than try and get it perfect from the start

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Posted:Booya DSS!
totally recall you doing something very silly with the old steel wool that night

One of the advantages of steel wool is that although it burns hot it burns fast, would you really want persistent, long burning sparks showering down onto your hair-clothes-equipment?

Plus doing the hotfoot dance over a bed of sparky embers afterwards?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it! Cheaper than steel wool with partcles branching and flaring as they tumble through the air....

Just need to go buy a hat I guess




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Posted:I recently heard that pepper could work pretty well too, haven't had time to check it out..

:shrug: just an idea

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Posted:This is an interesting discussion. thank you for sharing

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Posted:$2 concept idea: Pepper shakers with a flammable rim.

This statement is false...?


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