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been trying to get the 5 beat backwards, got it on the right side but the left i only do 3 and end up wrapping the chain round my wrist, any advice???

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Paddyback from the dead...sort of
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Tons of advice here, not to mention a personal and bruise-filled story of my trip down reverse-5beat-weave lane.

Best of luck

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Try going from the regular backward weave then start the 5 beat on your left side. Good luck!

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Bump! Though I havn't read that link yet... bound to be something in there of use I'm sure. I'm trying to learn it with my sock poi, as it doesn't hurt quite as much when I smak myself in the face. Although the shock has this tendancy to make me get very irrate sometimes...

I figured out the forward FINALLY, dagnabit, I WILL figure out the reverse! But its comforting to know others are familiar with the *smack* "OW my face!" routine...

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Hey, I'm still hanging out outside No. 5, Reverse Weave Alley. This has been bugging me for too long, so it's time to get all the help I can...
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Every time I try to add the extra beat to turn the 3 beat weave into a 4 beat weave I end up with my right hand doing the extra beat and my left hand crossing over at the same time as my right.

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