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Posted:Hi my name is Amber and i live in Fairbanks Alaska, and I have been practicing poi for about 2 years now... and I have been thinking about getting the Oggpoi for my next set of poi and I was hoping I could get some feed back from anyone... wether Oggpoi is a great buy or if I should go with something else? and if somethine else witch ones? I heard that the little piece on the bottom of them can break fairly easy is that true? and if so how could you prevent it?


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Posted:And you didn't see the massive post beneath this all about them?


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Posted:I actually made my own oggpoi instead of ordering them. O_o I happened to have a set of oggz lying around from before I got into spinning. Bought them at Walmart, oddly enough. I mucked around with different harnessing schemes (using shoelaces) for a while until I found one that wouldn't result in escaping oggz... and made handles out of duct tape. ^_^

But as far as quality and ease of use go, they're my absolute favorite thing to spin. Far better than glowsticks, or LED keychains, whatever was at hand. They're wonderfully forgiving, have a great comfy weight to them, and seem to take a beating pretty well. I wouldn't know about the plastic switch on the bottom breaking, since with the way I have them tied up, that plastic piece is protected under a big knot of shoelace. grin




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Posted:I love Oggz! Do not let anybody play with them though. They break very easily. I would rather make them myself. But if you want to skip that step i would buy them ^_^. But watch out!!! Do not let anybody use em. Cuz mine broke. And i have friends that say theres have broken easily.


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i bought these oggz and just made my own. DIY all the way! the shipping took forever, but they are fairly simple to make poi out of them. i just poked two holes in the top and i was done!


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Posted:I made my own poi the same sort of way easteroggz did. bought 3 oggz and charger, 2 hole punches in either side of 2, fit with brass eyelets, put a thick shoelace through and attatch a split ring to the ends then put on colecords with swivels and handles.

I have since sold them to simian (i think he name was) on here and have got flowpoi duo and now crystal cases. My oggz were great but wanted recharge by battery for travelling and non fading. I read the new oggz from flowtoys are even more prone to breaking


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