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Posted:After many moons and lots of promises I finally finished the Fire Breathing article and FAQ!!! YAY!!!So anyway, Malcolm graciously has put it up on the site, with all the disclaimers a girl could ever dream of. (Thank you!
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)Let me know what you think. Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Posted:wow good job!!!and to think i thought i had almost beaten the mentals into actually doing it..((mentals are the little voices of hesitation in your head.. like why you just cant make your self jump off that diving board etc.))now i can't
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to worried... but good job anyhows! well writtenpro star to you!!!
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Posted:I believe there is only one thing to learn that will give you the ability to do anything. It's cheesy and cliche but it's true.When you say "I can't do XXX" or "I could never XXX", you have a big wall around yourself that stops you expanding. As long as you keep saying "I can't...", you won't be able to. For me, step one is always to say "I'm going to able to do this, and the way it's going to happen is this..." I researched Fire Breathing for months before I did it and I was ready when I started. I would like to profusely thank Pele for the advice I gleaned through sifting search results for the good stuff. I am not a have-a-go-hero who stepped up under the influence of stupidity disguised as courage. That's how people get crisped up in this. I learned from some very experienced breathers and they told me the worst of it. But truth be told, I'd read it all before here and on other sites. It's not for eveyone. It's definitely not for the drunk person who wants to have a go after having seen someone do it. It's not for the supremely health conscious. But it's worth a lot of considering and soul searching before you start learning. There is a little pressure for fire twirlers to fire breathe from promoters who think that both arts are the same and are magically linked. That's the wrong reason to get into it.Excellent article Pele. The only thing I would've liked to see stressed more is the consequences of accidental ingestion and how easily it occurs. It's in there but from what I've been told, it's quite common and as it leaves you bed ridden for days, it's a major safety consideration for me while I aspirate. Well done



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Posted:i have a question for the experienced fire breather i was looking on a German site called
and found something for beginners here is the link:,020,0
..... you may have to copy and paste sorry

i know of the risks hazards but was wondering if this might be a better way for me a beginner to learn the ropes as well as material seen here


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Posted:Hello gunsandroses, if you are talking about the dragontongues promoted on the site. I know of them, and they are quite easy to use, however, when you use these, you can be lured into false confidence.

If you can breathe fire with the dragontongue, in NO way does it makes you able to do so without.

The only thing you can learn by using implements like these is the feel of fire near your face. If the fire so close scares you too much to try a first time without these things, then please think carefully if you "really" want to learn How To Breathe Fire or not.

Whatever you chose, don't let things like this lure you into the false security as mentioned. Firebreathing is dangerous, the way I learned it was practice and patience and in retrospect, it went far too quick.

I always suggest that people who really want to learn How To Breathe Fire find themselves a nearby tutor. They know the drill, they know the risks. And whatever you do, never try it without a safety person.

What is life, without a little risk!


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