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Posted:Ok, you guys probably get this alot but ive just started wiv poi and wondered if u have any advice on the best way to get started? I can do a few turns n stuff like the butterfly and a split time forward weave thingy (not sure of the exact term!) but not much else! I just wanted to know if you could suggest any moves that are good for beginners n that arent too complicated? there are so many and different websites class em as different skill levels so im lost! help please! biggrin

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Posted:have a llook at the thread called helpful advice, it pretty much dose what it says on the tin.

in my opinion good things to learn next for you would be backwards weave, thread the needle (both ways!!), windmills and other reels and any stalls and wraps you can think of. good luck biggrin

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Posted:Well, sweetheart - how 'bout this
for starters?


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Posted:I would racomend looking at the free lessons portion of this site. It's got video and pretty good explanations in most cases. even breaks it down by difficulty (i.e. begginer#1, Begginer#2, and so forth). It helped me w/ a couple of moves.
oh, and practise a ton, good luck.

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"what makes you think you can kill time without injuring eternity"


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Posted:well, if you can already do the a basic weave and butterfly, try reversing them. Then try turning with them. Getting those two down forwards and backwards is an awesome foundation for expanding to more complicated things.

Also practice spinning in the different planes, by your sides (wheel), in front or behind (wheel), between your arms (buzzsaws), over your head, and horizontally. Besides being the starters for flowers, they are great warmup exercises and trainers for the future moves.

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Posted:^ what squid said, then do the 'moses moves' as nick woolsey calls them. try doing split time then raise your arms up to eventually do a windmill keeping the same movement on each side. Then go to the top, turn and back down the other way, this time going backward split time (if you did forward first)