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Posted:Ok so at the club the other night I saw this dude do a move... going to try to explain it see if anyone knows what im talking about or help me to figure out how to do it.

Ok...You know when someone does an orbital and they will stop there poi toss them up catching the opposite poi in opposite hand....they will throw them around to the next hand and the strings are then tangled.

Ok so he does something like that...They look tangled up but then he will just put them around someones neck or somewhere on his body and pull and they are lose.

Anybody know what im talking about lol?

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Posted:So nobody knows? =[


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Do you do the poiz?
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Posted:Were they glowsticking?

Stuff similar to this vid?

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Posted:Have A look at Bluecat's videos on youtube. highlights being the Lost Leaves, and more spinach please.

That should help you out.

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or go on GSc and ask about mind games smile


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Posted:Sounds vaguely like a mindgame thing, but that is possibly one of the most er "interesting" descriptions of a move I've ever read ubblol

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