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Forums > Beginner Poi Moves > Glowsticks hurt my fingers, any advice?

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Posted:I finally figured out this whole wrap thing. It was like one of those riddles where you just CAN'T get it, but then someone points 1 little thing out, and *poof*, the answer is right there. Or like those stupid integration problems where once my teacher shows me what he did it makes perfect sence, but until then I have NO IDEA what to do *grumble*BACK ON TOPIC - Okay, so I can do wraps, but when I do, lots of the time the tips of the glowsticks hit the tips of my fingers. They whip through they air so fast it really hurts my hands. I'm bleeding :'( right now on one of my hands, and my other hand has some "battle scars" from yesterday. Any advice? My wraps are getting better (I can finally do that cool spiral BF one), but I really don't like practicing because my hands hurt a lot
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I think only answer is doing wraps at extreme ends of strings, so it wraps around behind hand or infront, but not on *ouch*. That's about it. SOOO... how are the kids? Have a great weekend everybody! (I get monday off
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But have to host mentor apreciation lunch for extended essay mentors
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But spring break is in a few weeks so I'll go clubbing
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) Not like anyone cares.... Hi five! Keep on spinning!
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Posted:What kind of string you using?

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Posted:heya... i had the same problem when i first started doing wraps.. still do on occasion.. basically.. what you have to do is not start the wrap in the middle of your strings.. start it closer down towards the glowstick and that way it wont whip around and hit you in teh finger.. it'll take some time to get your placement right.. but if you're using long strings (which i'm assuming you are because you're backlashing) either try moving your arm/leg/foot out farther, or moving your hand back a bit.. should help keep those sticks where they belong.. wrapped
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well.. that's a wrap.. hope what i said helps.. sometimes i dont make much sense-Tails


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Posted:Funny, I JUST did what you're talking about. Nice way to split a knuckle no? Wear gloves when you're learning. It sound wussy, and it is. But I'm not of the "bleeding hands are sexy" bunch.After lots of practice you'll gain confidence and then see exactly where you want to hit the wrap. But it's true, how close you are to the body part dictates how long the wrap is.Too close and you've got bloody knuckles. To far and your "wrap" is more of a "whack".Heck I've even got cool little "track" marks all down my arm from just the strings rubbing.

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Posted:Haha!"That's a wrap"I get it!
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Posted:My suggestion for da bf wrap is to wrap in da area on your hands between your elbow and hand. I do that and it doesn't hurt very much unless i'm using really bad string or my 3/4 inch chains...

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