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  Posted: Yea so i am just not understanding them, so if you could help me (or if you know where there is a clearer instuctional vid on these 2) then email me or IM me o0 DILicious 0oDiL<><

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  Posted:Welcome Dil, of course you've tried looking at the Poi Lessons (and animations) but perhaps performing a search for them would help as well. They're very basic moves (which are always the toughest to learn) but keep at it and in a while you'll never know why you had trouble in the first place.
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Watch the hand motions in the animations carefuly and try to repeat them without Poi first perhaps...(point)

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]



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  Posted:I learned chasing the sun a little differently, then I taught myself how to move around and eventually got it to look like the video here. I stood faceing the direction of my Poi spinning from left to right, or toward my face... this direction will go over the head, while they are spinning invision someone throwing you a basketball and you catching it above your head, on the up side of the Poi spinning... then once you catch it, turn imedeatly 180 degrees, with your arms still above your head and throw the ball, on the down side of the Poi spinning, causeing the Poi to come down to your side.To get back either pass the Poi both infront of you, i.e. towards your feet, and turn 180 degrees again... or bring your hands underyour armpits, a little harder.. left arm left arm pit right arm right arm pit... then turn with it, 180 degrees, looks really cool done do this with out moving your feet, just your waste and you will be doing the "Chasing the sun move"The CorkScrew was a near natrual, try to do the weave above your head, keep trying and you will be doing the corkscrew... more or less.good luck.. =)


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