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Posted:with short strings, theres a move you can do the looks like a horizontal windmill. i think its called a corkscrew. however, i've seen people add a variation to it that i cant for the life of me figure out how to reproduce. it looks sort of like they added an extra beat. any help would be all sorts of appreatiated. ((i wouldve looked elsewhere to find the answers, but i dont know where to begin, cuz like i said, i have no idea what its called.

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Posted:(insert beat number here) corkscrew I'd guess? But don't quote me on it... that's just what it sounds like.Kinudin


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Posted:You may be thinking of horizontal butterflies. They look pretty cool; why not give them a try.

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Posted:yeah, it sounds like a corkscrew... does it have 2 rings that look like they are intertwined?------------------I dreamt that I ate a 10 pound marshmellow and then when I woke up, my pillow was gone!

I dreamt that I ate a 10 pound marshmellow and then when I woke up, my pillow was gone!



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Posted:what he's doing my friend is simply a corkscrew with a single beat between the arms(one spin or revolution of a bicycle wheel) this causes the illusion of an extra beat. if you do this at the top and bottom of the swing you would be doing what is called a crazy eight.PLUHRDoc------------------Let us Light up the Night

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Posted:I think kindun's right... Aren't you just talking about a 3 or 4 beat corkscrew as shown in the "poi lessons" above. It's kinda tricky but the animations are quite good.

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Posted:well, DocLiquid is right and NYC
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adding the bike wheel gives and extra beat and a 3 or 4 beat corkscrew. the extra beat, were the poi on the same plane, or did one start to go to the other side of the arm?

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Posted:i am pretty sure that is what doc is explaining. that is the most common move to add for short strings. you can do the wheel with your left hand on top and the change to your right hand on top easily, and all the people that i have ever seen do short strings do that little combo of cork to wheel...

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Posted:yeah, i think doc got it right (although i could still be wrong, so dont quote me on it) its done with forearm length strings, so you can kind of dance in place while performing. i can pull off half of it, but for some reason or another i can only get the strings to rotate between my hands once. (so it ends up like bottom of arms, top of arms, between arms, bottom of arms, top of arms, between) i have the exact same problem when i do the move sideways (someone described it earlier as a tunnel of light, i think? its the same move as this one i think, only its more compressed. and i cant seem to get it to go back to the middle after its gone middle-right)ok, i go back to practicing now.

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Posted:I'm with pozee. It's either that, a triple cork, or a quad cork. Hope you find your answer. Eric

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Posted:Horizontal butterfly's are nifty, until you mess up and both poi smack you in the head. I always get stuck doing them and can't get out and than BAM! I have a bloody forehead
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