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Posted:You know... i have tried for soo many BTL butterfly... i cant do it... these are my problems...1-Sometimes they crash 2-other times they attach each other bleh3-Other times i do it right but my leg is on the way of one of the poi and crash with that leg...Dude is like this huh one of the poi gotta go between my legs but by my front side of the body... the other gotta get in by my back side of the body... is that right huh? (you know what i mean? ) Mind giving me some tips for it... i really have tried and tried all this time man!!! but i cant dunno why there is something im missing and im trying and trying and i dont get it right... =( the only thing i can do is sending both pois between my legs when im doing a weave and get in a rev weave or anything similar like weave... they look like a they do a little circle between my legs..(i am doing it right? that was the other question!) and other last question that doesnt have to be with btl moves...what are really split time weave? i mean i know that a split time butterfly i do it by having my hand going from top to down top down alternate them like in the video of jo derry...(i dont know what a split time is.. i just saw how to do it on the video of jo derry the split time butterfly but i really dont know what is) :O help!!! [This message has been edited by NightShade1 (edited 31 March 2002).]

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Posted:The answer to 1 and 2, if they're crashing together that means you're not doing the butterfly correctly. I find doing a btl butterfly easiest from reverse. Rember to bend you're waist when they enter your legs, try almost bending 90 degrees over when they enter your legs. You feel like an idiot but just for you to get an idea.Another tip, when you have your hands between your legs have them as high as possible, don't be shy. Make sure to flick your wrists too, don't just let the momentum carry the poi to do the butterfly or else the momentum usually makes it crash into your ass.split-time weave?err, a weave is already split-time so don't worry about it. You probably mean a split-time figure 8. Basically an alternating cross-over.ok, just reread your post. what btl butterfly are you talking about?I think your talking about my other move. I have no tips for what i already said in my other post except for the fact your not going to get it right away and just practice lots, it's a toughy. Actually i do have some tips. I think what your doing wrong is STARTING from a butterfly. You don't start from a butterfly you start with one poi spinning forward at your sides and one spinning reverse at your sides.The poi spinning forward should go btl in the front whereas the one spinning in reverse should go into the back.They should enter at the same time. When they are on the upswing turn 180 either way really quickly and they should exit out with out touching. It then looks like you just turned a butterfly between your legs.------------------[]Dhuong-Vu Truong==== []Dhunky ====

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Posted:err blah------------------[]Dhuong-Vu Truong==== []Dhunky ====[This message has been edited by phunky (edited 31 March 2002).]


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Posted:another nice move phunky!


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