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Posted: by Fonky Pierr
Last Reply: by Fonky Pierr
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"Hi, i'm pretty new in here :blush: I'm used to spin poi and staves for some time and i wanted to try fans.I bought medium lotus fans from HoP and well they're beautiful, no problem wi..."
Posted: by serafinahoop
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"Hi All,So I got my new lotus Fans and have been playing with them (unwicked) pretty much non-stop for the past 24 hours! Here's my question: What is the fan community's general consen..."
Posted: by Noddy
Last Reply: by jalarcon
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"i learnt this kewl move by accident, when you do the heilcopter then use contact with one of the grip sticks 2 make it move around, i was trying to do a triple spin with contact but i s..."
Posted: by msg
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"nvm i found a current thread"
Posted: by Cyricx
Last Reply: by Zekajunguy
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"Right now I do nunchucks and have been for a long time, this last year I've started doing them on fire.That kinda lead me to the 3 piece staff also called a sanjiegun.Does anyone else d..."
Posted: by PyroMonkey
Last Reply: by Zekajunguy
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"Got all constructivey today, made myself a Sanjiegun after seeing it the the HoP shop; a play earlier tonigh..."
Posted: by Orsson
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"So I just made a puppyhammer last night and the ends feel really light. I have monkey fists on both ends with three knuckles and it's a 3/4" rope. I want to get some steel bearin..."
Posted: by RaeNightshade
Last Reply: by Leon_Deverick
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"Ello fire dancers near and far. i have been searching the internet and i have notices something that sorta saddens my heart. every fire sword seems to be that of a katana or a scimitar...."
Posted: by Peter_Drake1
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"Does anyone know of any instructional materials on Samoan Fireknife dancing? I've been doing fireknife for a few years and the only thing I've been able to find is this:http://www.amazo..."
Posted: by Tribal Nouveau
Last Reply: by ShadowlessTyger
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"Greetings!Okay, so I've got a question for all of you experienced fire fan folk. I'm planning my first burn this weekend with my fans. I've been practicing with them for weeks and feel ..."
Posted: by PoiHans
Last Reply: by ShadowlessTyger
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"Check out this custom made new style fire equipment Jonmechachief created by Jonasun from Japan."
Posted: by Sursie M.
Last Reply: by ShadowlessTyger
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"I have looked at many sets of fire fingers but I can't afford them. Could someone make me a set like Anja Milow's? http://..."
Posted: by Lau100
Last Reply: by ShadowlessTyger
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"Hi allI was wondering if there is perhaps a cleaner way/method of shaking off the excess fuel from one's torches that won't leave lingering fuel smell splashes or marks on a venue's flo..."
Posted: by tracetheface
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"So a random question for my friends here in the "other toys" section of the forum. Do any of you have experience with 2A yoyo play? If so, how has it affected your poi style (..."
Posted: by Sideshow Joe
Last Reply: by Sideshow Joe
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"The UFO. The unidentified flaming object. This thing is weird. Most people are clueless as to how or what it is when they first see it"
Posted: by Voodoo_Tuesday
Last Reply: by Sursie M.
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"I've just bought my first set of fire fingers. They just nip onto the fingers and they don't feel that secure. Does anyone have any tips on making them totally secure? I've considered t..."
Posted: by synndarella
Last Reply: by tracetheface
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"Hiya Is it normal for your thumb joints to feel numb and painful when starting out - or am I maybe holding them wrong? Is there a certain way to hold them I should know about? Thanks i..."
Posted: by Star Gazer
Last Reply: by willworkforfoodjnr
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"I found this video of Spades showing off Ants on a Melon's new fiber optic Spinning Spades Contact Sword and I had to share because this is too good! Props to him some of these moves a..."
Posted: by SpringHeel
Last Reply: by Daisy zhu
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"OK, here's the situation:in about four days I will be beginning rehearsals for a physical theatre show in Australia. The show *was* going to incorporate a quad bike but that's fallen t..."
Posted: by Jeunau
Last Reply: by Jester!
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"Please help me with sword. i d a martial art but we dont do loads of sword and i searched around on the net and found one thing. i need help. if anyone has or is making a move list plea..."
Posted: by Trybal Wolf
Last Reply: by onewheeldave
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"Hi Everyone, I was looking for a thread on one of my favorite toys/weapons and being unable to find one, thought I would create it.I'm sure many of you have heard of the whip chain; not..."
Posted: by Jellyk8
Last Reply: by Kombi guy
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"Hey fellow Spinners!So...I am a hooper down to my soul and only recently found the addiction around a year ago. I love fire hooping and get more and more comfortable with fire every tim..."
Posted: by Demeter
Last Reply: by ShadowlessTyger
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"Hey all!I'm looking at making a fire flag similar to like a marching band color guard flag. I will be using a 6' pole and a 35" x 52" fire-flag area.Key decisions I need to m..."
Posted: by JeStEr
Last Reply: by Braaainz
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"Ok tonight I went through all the animations on and I thought i'd get this thread up and running with a couple of moves I didn't see displayed on it.To go in to the saw fr..."
Posted: by Dudge
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"hello, im new to this (or acctualy any) fourm. i have 2 years expriance playing poi and im making a cheap meteor with tennis balls and cord. im just curious how long will be best to mak..."
Posted: by randyrhoads
Last Reply: by randyrhoads
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"Where can I find information on specific fire breathing techniques such as breathing pillars? I've found a good deal of information on basic puffs but nothing on sustained flame."
Posted: by Pyrolific
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
Views: 32800    Replies: 35
"Hi Everyone,well we have one of these set up in one of our practise spaces at home. Its about 10 metres long, and there's a climbing rope set up about 6 foot above the line to help with..."
Posted: by [ Unregistered ]
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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" Second generation of LED light Poi with interesting improvementand high quality.well done,"
Posted: by bentforkx
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
Views: 4392    Replies: 7
"Saw this in the HoP Staff section.... haven't found anything about it, anybody using one? recommend any vidz of it??Thanks"
Posted: by Zephyre Phoenix
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
Views: 21390    Replies: 22
"New awesome toy that's a mix between a meteor hammer, rope dart, poi, and awesomeness. It's a puppyhammer.And here's a video:'s awesome to p..."
Posted: by mcp
Last Reply: by Whiperoo
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"Whip moves!I'm going to assume you're not an idiot, this thread isn't an excuse to go out and hurt yourself to make up a new crack. I don't think I know any crack that deliberately crac..."
Posted: by GinOokami
Last Reply: by bender
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"Hey everyone,I was nosing around the shop and watching a few video tutorials, looking mostly at things regarding fans and the s-staves, when I had a thought: What if you put a finger lo..."
Posted: by raven1991
Last Reply: by natalie_goode
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"ok i need a little help. i want to get into fans. and everyone says these fans are the best for begginers to advance people. i just want to know everyones opinions before i buy. i dont ..."
Posted: by John W
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"Hi! For starters, is it possible to make special orders here? Or if there is anyone "freelancing" who could create this? LED or fire.Otherwise, no matter! I am also looking fo..."
Posted: by Cayla_Were
Last Reply: by twinki
Views: 4420    Replies: 5
"We went to the circus the other day and they were spinning these ropes with bowls on the end. they were about 2 metres long, i think. It was really impressive nd we completely want to l..."
Posted: by Ammie Jay
Last Reply: by Sporky
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"Hello, got a new a fire act forming and as a gimmic in amongst are technical choreography want some fire pom poms anyone made any before, any advice for things to thinks about?ThanksAmm..."
Posted: by antonovc
Last Reply: by yolanda8802
Views: 2127    Replies: 1
"So, Im about to start spinning some fans, and as someone who makes all my own toys, i have a few ideas for custom fans that meet my needs/wants better than the available ones.... lookin..."
Posted: by [ Unregistered ]
Last Reply: by filchyboy
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"Tool: ROUE CYRSEARCH: (thx..)--------------"
Posted: by artof9lives
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"I recently have been allowed to play with fire due to some recent met friends. They started me with fans possible move to try poi after a good amount of practice. I will be in a sitt..."
Posted: by FirePhoenix
Last Reply: by imnotanewb
Views: 35483    Replies: 53
"Well, I'm certain there are more than a few meteorists around this place - some of which are probably quite good. That being said, all the information is scattered all over the place.I ..."
Posted: by Ase Anthony
Last Reply: by ShadowlessTyger
Views: 6248    Replies: 10
"Just looking for the best recommendation for a fire whip in the States of US? Thanks,"
Posted: by Ryoko
Last Reply: by kirstiewulf
Views: 7938    Replies: 13
"I want to make my own set of fire fingers but all my designs turn out bulky and look like gauntlets, if anyone has any design ideas they wouldn't mind sharing I would be extreemly grate..."
Posted: by keyarghah
Last Reply: by snappdragon
Views: 7028    Replies: 7
"Hey peeps,Ive had a bit of a look through and I cant find a thread on how to light foam on fire - more specifically what TYPE of foam to use.I have tried shaving foam (Gilette) and Styl..."
Posted: by ezeeckiel
Last Reply: by Bravo Juggling
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"Hello everybody !My name is Olivier, and I've moved 2 months ago to the Netherlands (in the far away Groningen). I was wondering where i could find some devilsticks in the Netherlands ?..."
Posted: by Adept
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"Perhaps the title of this thread is a little high-handed, but essentially the jugglers and poi-ers have really got the drop on us with the formal language they use to describe tricks. ..."
Posted: by avibird
Last Reply: by DevilStickBrian
Views: 1940    Replies: 3
"Hey guys. either i somehow lost my good control with my Equinox lunastix, or the grip is beginning to go or something. Is there anything i can use to increase the grippyness? thanks!"
Posted: by Kirachan
Last Reply: by ThelemicPotter
Views: 3151    Replies: 5
"Hey everyone. I'm interested in cymbals and cymbal tricks. However, we recently had an idea in my fire troupe to try cymbals on fire. How would you guys go about doing this? Has any one..."
Posted: by thelistening
Last Reply: by ThelemicPotter
Views: 3161    Replies: 9
"Hello!I'm in need of some advice. I've recently started spinning fire fans and my hands are getting destroyed by blisters. They don't seem to be callusing either. Does anyone have any r..."
Posted: by LadyMarie
Last Reply: by Mynci
Views: 1832    Replies: 1
"Hey guys, has anyone ever used covers for performing with their fire fans? Looks like I may be doing a show where fire is very unlikey (due to the location being very windy). I was th..."
Posted: by Rovo
Last Reply: by willworkforfoodjnr
Views: 2140    Replies: 3
"Greetings to all the meteorites out there in HoP land. I've been trying to post a bunch of concepts pertaining to meteor lately. Here are some videos and a couple write ups that will ho..."
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