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Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by Point_Blank
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"Well, seeing as we are starting to take over the "Offical HOP "I just learnt a new move" thread", I thought we should contain this bit just to jugglerisng and the throwing and dropping ..."
Posted: by LadyMarie
Last Reply: by LadyMarie
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"Hey peoples, need some help/advice! I need to invest in a new pair of fire fans as my current pair (Firetoys' Delta) aren't really up to scratch. I've mastered the basic moves/style b..."
Posted: by adeathlyaura
Last Reply: by camenden
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"Can any slack line enthusiasts recommend me a brand or a kit to start out with? I have some extra cash and I've finally decided to buy my own, but I have no idea what I should start out..."
Posted: by weebit
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"Ok this thread is about throwing yoyos(playing with yoyos).I've been throwing for about 4 and a half years I own 23 yoyos mostly yoyofactory yoyos some yoyojam for offstring.If anybody ..."
Posted: by majik
Last Reply: by ElectricBlue
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"I love my hoops as much as I love poi and staff and I noticed there was a few other hooping hoppers out there. So I thought HOP needed a hooping thread for us to chat about tricks and s..."
Posted: by quepasacontigo
Last Reply: by ShadowlessTyger
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"Hello, everyone!I recently bought myself a fire whip from a shop that was supposed to have good products, but it did not last long and very bad things could have happened. I am very dis..."
Posted: by Larry
Last Reply: by ShadowlessTyger
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"anyone else do anything with playing cards?anyone know any decent way of setting them on fire? i keep finding that if i light them with deoderant then they just go out as soon as i do a..."
Posted: by Twirly
Last Reply: by Friendly Fire
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"All the good meteor info is spread out across this board like a huge, grasping octopus, so here's a wee attempt to bring (what I see as) the best bits together. For the uninitiated, a M..."
Posted: by Veznah
Last Reply: by Kirachan
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"Does anyone know what are those little flame thingies called that you wear on your hand?Here's a video (they first appear at 0:32)And most importantly: how are they made? I would be ve..."
Posted: by Captain Danger
Last Reply: by festa12345
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"Howdy! I'm kind of new to all this forum stuff, but I'm desperately seeking some advice and this seemed like the place to go... A few weeks back I bought myself a Chaos Staff purely on ..."
Posted: by [ Unregistered ]
Last Reply: by willworkforfoodjnr
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" Quote:Longboarding is an offshoot of street skating, but, like all board sports, its roots lie in surfing. Developed as a single sport on the west coast in the 1950s, by the 1990s, ..."
Posted: by FireJinn
Last Reply: by ClockworkKnight
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"Howdy I have a small problem with my whip. The problem is I have no fall for it was destroyed when I was cracking it and the cracker flew off. What I need to know is what material do I ..."
Posted: by laceecal
Last Reply: by laceecal
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"I've spun fire a few times before but am at a loss for which set would be for me seeing as it will be my first set. all other sets I've spun are a friends and homemade, frankly im ready..."
Posted: by Shlomo
Last Reply: by ShadowlessTyger
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"I have falling head over heels for my contact fire swords... My first pair (from trick concepts) was poorly made so I had to return them (and they only gave me a partial refund) and it ..."
Posted: by Brenton_Rodgers
Last Reply: by ShadowlessTyger
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"How could you do it?Click, Snap fingers and a little shower of sparks (or small fire ball) flies up.Tried flint from a cigaret lighter stuck to one finger & sand paper wrapped aroun..."
Posted: by Kattitude
Last Reply: by Shlomo
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Posted: by adeathlyaura
Last Reply: by ElectricBlue
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"I really want to know what this is called. Awhile back I was at a rave and saw a man dancing with long strips of fabric. He was doing jumps and twists, while throwing the fabric into th..."
Posted: by adeathlyaura
Last Reply: by ShadowlessTyger
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"I searched for a thread on this, but couldn't find it. This can be the place where we discuss different tricks, aerial apparatuses, etc.I'm not an aerialist, but recently I've gotten re..."
Posted: by adeathlyaura
Last Reply: by ShadowlessTyger
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"I just got my first Levi Stick today and I've been playing around with it a little bit (its the one off HoP). Is there a certain way I should be gripping it? Or any way that will make i..."
Posted: by Chris_Lu1
Last Reply: by meshunderlay
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"I have made and seen these four toys out there, although rare, in practice and in fire form; Yet...I've searched and I have seen many videos of Buugeng and S-staves but no real tutorial..."
Posted: by Joe_Hall
Last Reply: by OhioSean
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"Ashamedly, I let some muggles have a feel of my nice, pristine HoP acrylic contact balls. Inevitably they were dropped and subsequently have acquired several scratches and nicks. I've d..."
Posted: by [Nx?]
Last Reply: by Burning Boobies
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"wot an intresting idea...Id have to learn to spin nipple tassles first tho, anyone got any experiance? Do you need to have boobs? T "
Posted: by iMark
Last Reply: by Gary_Cifers
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"Inspired by homeofpoi, over at we've started producing yearly collaboration videos featuring contact jugglers of all levels from across the globe.We had a bumper cro..."
Posted: by Gary_Cifers
Last Reply: by Gary_Cifers
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"So recently i made myself a Fire cane for an upcoming show that is going to have a steampunk feel to it. Unfortunately other than a couple of hand rolls and tosses i can't think of any ..."
Posted: by adeathlyaura
Last Reply: by adeathlyaura
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"I have a long, fairly soft rope that is about the size of my pinky finger in thickness. It is about 75 feet long so I will need to cut it. How long should the rope dart be? Also, how sh..."
Posted: by keyarghah
Last Reply: by Jinx8107
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"just found this video on youtube.. ive played with this idea before, but didnt know it was a thing. but they always already are somewhere in the fire universe.. does anyone know anyone..."
Posted: by corbet
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"I'm putting together a new set of double staffs and hoping to start learning some contact moves. Contact is new territory for me, though, so I'm not sure how this might affect the way I..."
Posted: by orangina
Last Reply: by Godbolt
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"okay already ask bout this but was quite drunk wen i read v repply so.Quad poi- 2 poi in EACH hand- how fars every1 got, iv only sort of figured out the wind mill thing, (high and ow), ..."
Posted: by Matt_Weaver
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"So I've had my fun with the Yoho Electro Spin stix, but was not fully satisfied with their durability and with the explosion of flo-ligths on my scene they're pretty well outdated. The..."
Posted: by HollySatine
Last Reply: by adeathlyaura
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"So I'm interested in learning about hooping but is there a special hoop (size, weight, material) needed, or could I theoretically just buy a hula hoop from Target to start with so I can..."
Posted: by diffrentcopy
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"sometimes i watch double staff vids and go to practice but somehow find myself applying the moves to poi. but not mixing moves but mixing toys, does anyone try doing like 1 poi and 1 st..."
Posted: by KiannaRexia
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"Hello everyone. I'm a long time fire performer and am just now starting to delve into eating and breathing as well as burlesque performance. I had a question concerning flame to skin co..."
Posted: by ImmortalNinja
Last Reply: by letitburn
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"Hey yop,in the process of perfecting some Rope Dart Kick Tricks and thought I'd share.The Set up:1. Spin rope dart in front of you in big circle so that it is going right to left at the..."
Posted: by Ande
Last Reply: by Paddington Bear
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" This is My concept for balanced 'handles' &lbr;pedlelum&rbr; poi(based on flowtoys handles and Henrys glowstick poi).>>> Ande's Design <<<When using Orange 'Ultras' (..."
Posted: by Saria
Last Reply: by Jameth
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"Hello! I'm new to these forums, and relatively new to fire dancing in general. I have take a few intro classes to poi and staff, but haven't done much practicing yet. I am a tribal bell..."
Posted: by qwertycoder
Last Reply: by qwertycoder
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"Ive decided to bring y'all some nunchaku tutorials ill be adding a couple a day until i get a good foundation out there. then ill add some torch poi and club spinning....heres what i ha..."
Posted: by earlbacher
Last Reply: by ThelemicPotter
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"So, just got back from Harvestfest in MN at Harmony Park (Wookiefoot event) and saw some great new toy... small metal looking staff about two feet long on a string, that you attach to y..."
Posted: by Wintermute
Last Reply: by aston
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"My new project of insanity, matching fire swords!!!!!!!!!!!!!I've been doing aikido for the last few months and my Sensei is very sword orientated so I have my bokken (wooden training s..."
Posted: by lordofconvix
Last Reply: by aston
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"Who here slacklines? Anyone in SoCal?"
Posted: by -sandy-
Last Reply: by meshunderlay
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"Thought about adding this to the club swinging thread but figured it was a different enough skill to warrant a new thread. This one is for contacty type moves, if you have a cool spinni..."
Posted: by dgregh
Last Reply: by Friendly Fire
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"hello all. I have seen some videos of people doing fire yoyo and am SO interested in it. I have been looking around trying to find a place where I might purchase one. Has anyone seen an..."
Posted: by benpullan
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" is down, and it seems that all their distributers are sold out. If anyone knows somewhere that i can ship some in from please let me know! or even if you have a set yo..."
Posted: by ElectricBlue
Last Reply: by co
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"hello all i know that there have been a few threds on this but they were about fire hulla hoops and how to make themi was wondering if any one had any tips or tricks about hulla hooping..."
Posted: by Mangopeople
Last Reply: by co
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"Hi all,I am a relative newbie to fire poi and have also just started to learn fire eating. Up until now I have been using kero for both, as the safest fuel with the lowest flash point e..."
Posted: by brenonfire413
Last Reply: by co
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"Does anyone else get allergic reactions when skin is exposed to lamp oil? I've noticed that whenever I use lamp oil in my poi and do a lot of contact movements that the areas the poi hi..."
Posted: by Ringshadow
Last Reply: by co
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"Consider this a warning to anyone else joining that website. They have "play nice" rules.I am on a month long suspension from HoopCity. Why, you ask? Well, I apparently widdle..."
Posted: by KittehRaver
Last Reply: by co
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"I was thinking of doing what the subject says, buying a pair of wind and fire wheels and modifying them to carry kevlar wicks. Is there anyone who has any ideas as to how to do this? Th..."
Posted: by Promethean_Advocate
Last Reply: by co
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"Hi all,Some of you may have caught my post a few weeks back about this subject. Im interested in getting into some light painting and transfers, and I've heard that when done properly, ..."
Posted: by Warghuul
Last Reply: by Didgeridude
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"I'm new to juggling, and know the basics, but I'm wondering if its best to learn on balls or clubs?"
Posted: by Night Crawler
Last Reply: by Calibud
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"Hey guys.I was noseying around for things that would make a performance/show look better and I remember seeing something on tv a while ago, so i decided to try and find it.Im not sure w..."
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